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"MI VIVENCIAS IN THE WAR DE MALVINAS" like integral of the II Squadron Aeromovil Dagger MV "THE MARINATES YOU"



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MY EXPERIENCES IN THE MALVINAS WAR as a member of the II Moveable Squadron Dagger MV "LA MARINETTE"


The story that begins here is not another one for me, because I had the luck to live her in a very different way than most of most people, although I know that we all had a strong patriotic feeling.

MALVINAS is not just another event in our history as a Country, you can call it like you want: war, conflict where 635 Argentineans. During the war some gave "THEIR LIFE", their most valuable asset as human beings, in order to defend our HOMELAND. Among those there are 5 pilots of our Unit.
Our Squadron II Dagger, during the war, lost 6 planes, with 5 pilots eyected and recovered, being our MARTYR, Carlos Castillo (24-05).
In the other Squadron I Dagger, 5 airplanes were destroyed, and two pilots were recover alive, being their MARTYRS, José L Ardiles (01-05), Pedro I Bean (21-05), Héctor R Volponi (23-05) and Juan D Bernhardt (29-05).
We, as membes of the maintenance group, were the last ones who had contact with them. Since there is a link among pilot, mechanic and plane, the pilot is the tip of the chain that attacks, and the mechanic is the other tip of the chain.
We waited anxiously for the pilots to return from their missions, with a lot of anxiety and very particular edginess, impossible to express with words. Once time had expired and they were not back, we were filled with the sadness and grief. We feared the worst had happened.
In our mind we reproduced the image of the farewell and “release” to the war and their greeting with the thumbs up through the canopy of the airplane.
Only us, who were there, can understand that feeling.
It took me a lot of time to make the decision of publishing in Internet such personal memoirs, but after more than 25 years, I believe that these are a small contribution for the later generations that are interested to know how they lived, the events they went thru. All in a simple, human way. This is what I lived.

DNI 12.532.940


As introduction here are some details taken from Historical and Law Records about MALVINAS (Extracted of the page www.ejercito.mil.ar)
The Malvinas, South Georgia and South Sándwich Islands belong to Argentina.
"They are Argentinean" for the following reasons:
-Geographical: for their vicinity to the continent and because the geologic composition makes of them part of the same undersea floor.
-Historical: because they were discovered by Americo Vespucci, Magellan and other Spanish navigators.
-Law: for papal award to Spain, recognized by the powers of the Christendom and for the brief French colonization whose eviction for Spain was carried out in the full understanding of this right.
-Administrative: because Spain established a small and prosperous colony and because their rights, after the Revolution of May of 1810, were transmitted to its successor, the Republic Argentina.
January of 1833, 3 the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland of the North consummated the occupation of the islands, in a clear violation of the international right. From then on, the Argentina looks for the effective exercise of its sovereignty.
The discovery of the islands was awarded to different people. Among other, it is necessary to mention Americo Vespucci (1501), to Esteban Gómez who in 1520 it was part of Magellan's expedition with the control of the ship "San Antonio", and to the crew of a ship of the fleet of the bishop of Plasencia to whom the oldes sighting is attributed. As one knows, February of 1540, 4 being these tripulantes left the mouth of Magellan's Strait and saw "some eight or nine islands"; then they approached a place called port of the Vixens, in the Great Malvina, where they would have hibernated.
The cartography and the chronicles of trips of the XVI century registered the existence of the islands with diverse names: of the Ducks, Sansón, San Antón or Ascension. Among the navigators that gave news of them figure the Dutch captain Sebald of Weert who on January 24 1600 sighted them locating them to 50º 40´ south latitude. Then, it in their letter to Europe, the group of islands on the NorthWest were denominated "Sebaldinas". The name "Malvinas" is the Spanish phonetic derivation of the French "Malouines" with which they called the islands after the port of Saint Maló, place from where the first French navigators that visited them dropped their anchor were.
Great Britain attributes to the Captain John Strong the supposed discovery and landing; February of 1690, 6. He would have navigated the channel that separates the biggest two islands, to which "Falkland Sound" in honor to the viscount, then in charge of the Admiralty. Such a name was given first to the western island and then to the whole archipelago.
The jurisdiction and sovereignty of Spain on the islands came from a Papal rule. In 1493, Pope Alejandro VI, through the Papal Bulls, assigned to Spain, to their heirs and successors, all the islands and discovered mainland or to discover toward the west of a line located to 100 leagues to the west of the islands of the Azores or of Green End, limit that was enlarged in June of 1494, when the Treaty of Tordesillas was signed between the kings from Spain and Portugal.
With the purpose of protecting the territorial integrity of the empire, to maintain the colonial statu quo and to sustain the validity of the exclusivity principle in the sailing and the trade, Spain celebrated successive treaties with the powers. Those ratified the commitment of not intervening in the South Atlantic, region where England, especially, sought to establish a stop before passing over the feared Cape of Horns.
The first colonization of the archipelago was carried out by France. In 1763, in the face of the loss of a great part of their possessions to England, sailor and military Luis Antonio of Bougainville proposed his government a compensation by means of the discovery of the southern lands and of the islands that he would find on his route.
The expedition, formed with the ships "The Eagle" (20 canyons) and "The Sphinx" (12 canyons), they left Maló in September and after a brief landfall in Montevideo, February of 1764, 3 the French marines sighted a great bay in the oriental Malvina.
March 17, Bougainville inaugrated the colony in Port Luis, one league at the end of the bayo n the North coast.
Initially, the establishment had twenty-nine residents, five women and three children. Houses, a great warehouse and a Fort with twelve guns. In the center, it had a building twenty feet high, with the King's effigy decorating one of their sides. Under their foundations, some currencies and a medal were buried, the one that had recorded, in one of their faces, the date of the company and, in the other one, the King's face with the legend "Tibi serviat Thule". On April 5, Bougainville, on behalf of the king from France, took possession of all the islands.
Spain found the existence of the prosperous colony and it demanded France to comply with the Pact of Family, signed between the Borbones in 1761. The king from Spain agreed to reimburse Bougainville for the expenses that it had caused him the foundation of the colony.
On April of 1767, 1 Port Luis was returned to Spain. That day, the Spanish rose their flag and, from the shore and from the ships, they greeted it with twenty one gunshots at sunset. Some French families opted to stay and the rest, included the biggest page, left for Montevideo abroad Spanish frigates.
On April 2, the Captain Felipe Ruiz Bridge became the first Spanish governor of Malvinas as previously, on October of 1766, 2 Carlos III had created the Government of the Islands Malvinas, reporting to Buenos Aires.
Great Britain renovated its interest in the islands starting from 1765, when an expedition under Commodore John Byron - that arrived to the South Atlantic with the mission of finding convenient places to establish an or several colonies - it explored the coast of the western Malvina and he settled in a place that the English boss baptized "Port Egmont" in honor to the first lord of the Admiralty. On behalf of their king, he took possession of this point and neighboring islands; then, he continued his trip heading for Magellan's Strait.
ON February of 1766, 8 another expedition, to the orders of Capt. John Mc Bride, arrived to Port Egmont, where he established a defense turret.
Mc Bride had instructionst to "avoiding all measure of hostility or violence in the case of finding residents of other nationalities." On December 6, the Englishmen discovered Port Luis and they intimated the commander to give up the establishment. Facing the negative of the French, the British went away immediately.
Carlos III, for Royal Order of 25 Februaryf 1768 ordered the governor from Buenos Aires, Francisco of Paula Bucarelli to evict the Englishmen of Port Egmont.
Bucarelli trusted that task to the general of the Real Armada, Captain Juan Ignacio of Madariaga. From Montevideo left the frigates "Santa Rosa", "Industry", "Santa Bárbara" and "Santa Catalina" and the "Andalusian" chambequín, with 1.500 men, among them grenadiers, fusiliers and gunners. June of 1770, 4 the fleet anchored in the bay of Port Egmont and Madariaga threatened the boss of the garrison to abandon the place.
Without more resistance, the English garriso surrendered on June 10 and the strategic base was now in charge of the Spanish.
Great Britain demanded Spain a repair for the insult inferred to its attacked dignity - according to its government - in a situation of peace. The refund arrangement that was preceded by tense discussions in which France intervened as mediator, was concerted in London, January 22, 1771. They signed the "Declaration of Masserano", for which the Spanish king committed to restore to his English couple the possession of Port Egmont, but with the reservation of Spanish sovereignty that was accepted fully by that country. Returning the status quo situation of June of 1770, 10 was a clear evidence of the precariousness of the English occupation.
Per this private agreement, the Court of Spain imposed that the English departure of the islands was made as soon as was convenient, once restored the establishment. Port Egmont was returned to the Englishmen in September of 1771.
In May of 1774, the evacuation took place, voluntary and quietly. The Englishmen left a lead board - the Lieutenant's board Clayton - with the legend "The islands Falkland are by right and the king's exclusive property George III", symbol that was retired by the Spanish forces and then taken to Buenos Aires.
Spain, then, occupied the whole archipelago like only sovereign and, from April 2 1767 up to 1811, it exercised its sovereignty unquestionably on him through a score of governors.
In 1811, Spain was displaced by the government that arose of the Revolution of May. On February 13, following the Montevideo’s governor orders, Gaspar of Vigodet, the forces located in Port Soledad, under Pablo Guillén Martínez command, were transferred to the former.
With the process of independence, the new Republics, started from the political transformation of the old Spanish Empire, possessed the right to havethe borderrs of the primitive administrative units. The islands Malvinas, Georgia of the South and Sandwich of the South were part of the Provincias Unidas del Rio de la Plata, today Republic Argentina.
From November 6, 1820 up to January of 1833, 3 , when the English usurpation took place, Argentina took possession, kept and reaffirmed its sovereignty in the archipelago in different occasions.
On November 6th 1820, following the instructions given by Martin Rodriguez, Governor of Buenos Aires , Captain David Jewett, major of the ship "Heroine", in a ceremony of formal character, ratified the rights and hoisted the national flag in Port Soledad, greeting her with twentyone gunshots. Then, it distributed a letter among the captains of those almost fifty ships anchored in the adjacent creeks, in which participated them the taking possession on behalf of the Government of the United Provinces of South America. This document had diffusion in the European press.
In August of 1823, the government granted Jorge Pacheco the usufruct of the sheep livestock present in the Malvinas but, discouraged by the bad beginnings of the business, he sold the rights to Luis Vernet who arrived in 1826 to settle down in Port Soledad with his wife, María Sáenz.
On June 10th, 1829 the vicarial governor, Martin Rodríguez, instituted the Politic and Military Command of the Islands Malvinas, with headquarters in the island Soledad. It stretched to Cape Horns. Luis Vernet exercised governor's position from August 29th and he had the task of applying the regulations to foreign ships who, with their indiscriminate hunt of animals and whales constituted a serious problem.
The payment for anchorage right was avoided systematically by the whalers. In August of 1831, due to an incident with three fishing North American, Vernet sent to Buenos Aires the schonner "Harriet". It was confiscated as payment.
The North American consulate in Buenos Aires ignored the Argentinean right to regulate the fishing in the Malvinas. At the end of that year, personal of the war corvette "Lexington", US Navy, intruded in Port Soledad, under Capt. Silas Duncan. They commited serious acts: they plundered the goods and the estates, destroyed the artillery facilities and took prisoners the main residents, who were sent to Montevideo.
The action of Duncan caused shock in Buenos Aires. In June of 1832, the new North American businesses representative, Francis Baylies, following instructions of their government, demanded the disavowal of Vernet, the refund of the goods confiscated by him and the payment of a compensation; it also questioned the securities of Argentinean sovereignty. The governor Juan Manuel of Rosas "declared him persona non grata" and he gave him his Passports back.
Argentina started to complain to the North American government due to the losses suffereed during the Lexington incursión. In 1838, Carlos of Alvear presented the first complaint in Washington, because our diplomatic representation in that country was started that year. On December of 1841, 4 the US government declared that it should not give an answer because the Argentinean right to the jurisdiction on the islands was disputed by another power and an answer in those circumstances had implied a deviation of the one their cardinal politics.
At the end of 1885, the minister Vicente G. Quesada renovated the Argentinean disagreement before the secretary of State Tomás F. Bayard who reaffirmed their government's position on the matter, the one that would only change in case Great Britain recognized the Argentinean sovereignty on the Malvinas.
On March 18th of 1886 in a communication to the Argentinean government, Bayard considered inapplicable the call "doctrine of Monroe" to the case Malvinas. So far, the American government has not given the satisfactions for this vandalic action.
The English government had news on the state and population of the islands Malvinas, contributed by Captain Fitz Roy after his journey to the south, in 1829. Great Britain undertook, again, the possession of the islands like a scale for rest and supply in the sailing route toward Australia and Tasmania close to Cape Horns or Magellan's Strait.
Preceded by the attack of the "Lexington", the English invasion was led by Captain John James Onslow.
On January 2nd, 1833, commanding frigate " HMS Clío", he attacked Port Soledad. He entered the bay, where he found the Argentinean schooner "Sarandí", commanded by Lieutenant Colonel José María Pinedo. Onslow communicated the orders of the Admiralty, consistent in taking prompt possession of the islands.
Pinedo made a formal protest, boarded the schooner and left for Buenos Aires, where he was prosecuted for not resisting the usurpation. Days later, the schooner "Beagle", under Fitz Roy, anchored in the bay.
The new situation started the permanent colonization of the islands and the breakdown of the Argentinean territorial unit. In Port Soledad, the Englishmen made use of the facilities and of the manpower hired by Vernet’s Co. With the pretext of the British domain, William Dickinson (from Ireland), in charge of the warehouses, rejected the vouchers signed by the former governor that the Argentinean peons received like wage payment. Also, the foreman Juan Simón, French, together with Mateo Brisbane, former churchwarden of Vernet, sought to increase the Argentinean personnel's work.
Three gauchos and five Indian charrúas, driven by Antonio Rivero, rebelled and, after a short fight in which Brisbane, Dickson and Simón died, they took the House of the Command on August 26, 1833. They lowered the English flag and they hoisted the national pavilion, the one which, for almost six months, flew in Port Soledad.
In January of 1834, two English crafts arrived to the port. RN Lieutenant Henry Smith, named coommander of the islands, hoisted the English flag again and began the persecution of the rebels; one by one, the gauchos fell in the invaders' hands. Rivero, alone, without resistance, surrendered January 18.
The prisoners were remitted to Great Britain to be processed. Then, the English government allowed their return, because it considered that the facts had not have happened in territory of the Crown.
Meanwhile, the events on the Argentinean eviction of Malvinas were put in knowledge of the authorities from Buenos Aires in a detailed report presented by Pinedo. The government from Buenos Aires, headed by Juan Ramón Balcarce, began the protests for the violation before the British businesses representative, Philip Gore and, in the Court of London, April 24, the plenipotentiary minister, Dr. Manuel Moreno, requested an official explanation for the occupation of the islands.
The British government endorsed the performance of Onslow. On June 17, Moreno presented a printed Memory-protest in English and French and, at the end of that year, he published a a pamphlet in Eng lish denominated "Observations on the occupation by force of Malvinas by the British Government in 1833", trying to make the problem known in the European diplomatic circles. But, in 1842, England finished the discusions and named a civilian administration, with a governor.
In 1945, the conflict entered in a new phase, because Argentina sought protection of her international rights when contesting in United Nations, as this organization, in their Letter, was looking for the independence of non-autonomous territories, understanding as such, those that lacked their own government.
In 1960, the XV General Assembly of the United Nations was summoned, of which emanated the resolution Number 1.514, of date December 14, denominated "Declaration has more than enough concession from the independence to the countries and colonial" towns. In one of their foundations - the conservation of the national unit and of the territorial integration - the case Malvinas was framed.
In 1961, for the resolution Number 1.654 (XVI Assembly), created a Special Committee of Decolonization, made up of 17 countries, which was enlarged to 24 in 1962.
In 1964, the Committee of the 24 established three working subcommittees, one of which would consider the case; Argentina could participate in the discussion with voice, although could not vote.
The parts defined the status of the islands Malvinas: Argentina considered that the islands were occupied by the force; Great Britain, administrator, affirmed that the islands were colonies and the United Nations, on the base of the British statement, determined that the territory (not the population) of the island should be decolonized, since the case was framed inside the articles 73 and 74 of the Letter and of the resolution Number 1.514. On September 18, the Subcommittee III approved a report - then ratified by the Committee of the 24 - that represented for the Argentina a significant advance: the attachment of the denomination "Malvinas", among parenthesis, next to the English name of "Falkland Is", the recognition of the existent dispute between both governments and the reference in the document to the "interests" and not to the "wishes" of the malvinenses.
Also, the Committee recommended both parts to begin negotiations.
In 1965, the issue didn't arrive to the General Assembly, because other problems were presented. But, in September, the Argentinean chancellor began talks with the British government, trying to reach peaceful solution. The answer of this began two constants of its diplomacy: exclussion of the discussion about the sovereignty, and lack of complaint to resolution Number 2.065 (XX Assembly), again calling for the decolonization and which was issued on December 16th of that year.
In the period 1966-1969 there were not advances.
As consequence of the resolution Number 2.065 (XX Assembly) of the United Nations, in 1969 the two countries decided to carry out special conversations that gave for result the Combined "Declaration of Buenos Aires" of April 1st 1971 which affirmed the mutual commitment of improving the communications, to break the isolation and to assist, on the part of the Argentina, to the population's interests (supplies, sanitary attendance and education).
To such an effect, a Special Consultative Commission was created, with British and Argentinean delegates whose result was summed up in a document issued to the islanders to travel to the continent and in the mutual cancellation of taxes and privileges in activities related with the communications. United Kingdom was in charge of regulating marine traffic between the Malvinas and the continent, as long as our country would take care of the air traffic.
In 1972, the Argentina built, in Puerto Argentino (Port Stanley) a landing strip made with aluminum plates that allowed the operation of medium size panes. This allowed the frequent travel of passengers and regular trips made by Company LADE (Airlines of the State), at the time connecting the islands with Commodore Rivadavia.
In 1973, a new element arose on the part of the United Kingdom : the population of the islands had to decided the future of the islands in a colonial plebiscite.
In 1975, Great Britain sent a scientific mission to the South Atlantic, in charge of lord Shackleton, to evaluate the oil possibilities of the area.
February of 1976, 4 the destroyer "ARA Almirante Storni" forced the English ship to abandon Argentinean territorial waters; in consequence, the relations deteriorated, since both countries retired their respective diplomatic missions.
On this case the International Law Committee of the Organization of the American States recognized Argentina’s inobjetable rights of sovereignty on the islands Malvinas. In February of 1982, during negotiations in New York, England whose delegation included to the kelpers, decided not to discuss anymore the matter of the sovereignty.
Bu then, 149 years of calls and 17 of fruitless negotiations had lapsed. On April 2, Argentinean forces occupied the islands Malvinas, on the base of the preservation of the life and the goods of their residents.
In reprisal, the British government sent a force of unusual magnitude that expelled the Argentineans by June 14th. Today, the conflict of Malvinas is still not solved.
-January of 1982: Before the stagnation of the negotiations with England, the military planning began for the recovery of the islands Malvinas, in charge of a reduced Committee of Planning of superior officials of the three forces and inside the biggest secret.
-March 19: A serious incident took place in the islands Georgia of the South. A group of Argentinean workers of a national private company disembarked in Port Leith to dismantle the factory whaler there existent, with the knowledge and authorization of the British government.
The governor of the islands Malvinas, in knowledge of this fact and of the presumed izamiento of the Argentinean flag in the place, it ordered the immediate transfer of the ship of British war HMS "Endurance" to evict the workers and to return them to the continent.
-March 20: In connection with the aforementioned incident, the Argentinean chancellery received a communication of the government of the United Kingdom, transmitted verbally by its ambassador that constituted a true ultimatum.
The Operation Rosario was conceived as a surprising military action dedicated to cause a such international political repercussion that she forced Great Britain to face the negotiations seriously about the sovereignty of the agreement islands with the resolutions of the United Nations. For that reason, one planned the occupation, the installation of an Argentinean government and the immediate retreat of the forces interveners, except the indispensable troops that it required the security. Not you previó a reaction of the magnitude that had the Briton that took to a conflict that was not wanted and for which was not prepared.
The operation was foreseen by the Committee of Planning for May of 1982, 15 but it should be advanced before by the events mentioned.
-April 1/2: The Operation Rosario was developed from the 23.45 hours of April 1 in that the initial landing took place, until the 12.30 hours of April 2 in that, after having ceased the British resistance, the Argentinean flag was hoisted in front of the Government of the Islands.
In the operation, the Argentinean forces had a dead Capt. Giachino Member of the grouping amphibious Commands and two wounded. They didn't register British drops.
Troops of the Regiment of Infantry intervened 25 to their boss's orders, the Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Alí Seineldín, of the Battalion of Infantry of Marina 2 and of the Grouping of Amphibious Commands and Tactical Plungers, supported by ships of the Armed Argentina and for the Air force Argentina.
-April 3: The Group Naval Antarctic of the Armed Argentina took possession of the islands Georgia of the South without finding bigger resistance on the part of the group of Infantry of British Marina that garnished them.
Before the occupation of the Islands Malvinas, began diplomatic tratativas immediately in the headquarters of the United Nations, in New York, and in that of the Organization of American States, in Washington.
Of particular importance it was the resolution Number 502 of the Security council of the United, dictated Nations April 3 that it ordered "an immediate retirement of all the Argentinean forces of the Islands Malvinas" and it exhorted to the countries involved to solve their differences diplomatically.
There was mediation on the part of the government from the United States through the secretary of State, General Alexander Haig, but in definitive this country supported openly to the United Kingdom.
As every day he/she woke up me the monotonous sound of the bell from the clock to the 05:15 Hs.; while I enroll (desayuno,ducha, shaved, etc.) I always light the radio to confirm the hour and to find out the last important news (he/she goes if this day would not be important for the Argentineans!), the newspaper of the 05:30 Hs. he/she informed that Argentinean troops, integrated by Infants of Marina, disembarked in the Island Soledad and they took position in her. It was as a pail of cold water, I wondered if he/she had listened well, but they repeated it an and another time again.
I went to approach the transport that I moved to my working place, the one I SAW Air Brigade (it is located approximately to 20 Km. of the city of Tandil, Pcia. of Buenos Aires, to about 360 Kms. of the Federal Capital), because I am Personal Civil of the Air force. As it is of supposing the comment of the day it was the taking of the Islands Malvinas, we all wanted to know something more, desirous of arriving to our working and sure place that they would give us more information.
And it was this way, because every day to the beginning of the tasks he/she is carried out a formation (07:00 Hs.) the one that is a presentation from the troops to their respective Bosses of Squadron and these in turn to the Boss of Technical Group, this position it carries out it the Commodore D. Pedro Martínez who confirmed us the news and in turn he/she requested us maximum collaboration to achieve the setting in service of the biggest feasible quantity in airplanes.(The one DID Brigade Air bill with an endowment of airplanes of combat of the type Mirage M-5 *).
We go to our working places, of course that there we continued commenting this topic, I act in the Squadron Control, there the whole administrative and technical activity is centralized, although one doesn't work directly with the airplane one he/she has to have knowledge of the same one, in the civil environment it would be a Technical Department, they are coordinated and the working Plans are elaborated, so much of daily activity as future calendaria, either in the Unit like in the Organs Logistical Superiors, it is taken the life and pursuit of the components of each airplane, smaller and bigger Inspecciones/Reparaciones, consumptions of fuel and aerolubricantes, etc.
The activity usually concludes to the 17:00 Hs., but practically starting from this day it would be of H 24.
As much the radios as the television means permanently continued with this information. To the 08:30 Hs. the British Marines surrendered bet in the Barracks Made Box and they were reduced by our Forces, the existent Government until that moment also surrendered. Starting from that instant the Argentineans had our appreciated Islands Malvinas again, after 150 years our Native Badge flamed again.
This airplane is a derivate of the Mirage French, but manufacturing V Israeli, it is an it hunts bombing of the class Mach 2 of air superiority and against terrestrial objectives. It has a motor to Tie Snecma of the type 09C5A turbojet that possesses a push static maximum of 4218 they Give and of 5886 they Give with post-combustion, with a consumption average of approximately 200 liters per minute. The airplane understands a wing delta and a single drift without line surface. Their main dimensions are: span of wing 8,22 mts. among tip of wings, 15,55 mts. of long and 4,55 mts. of high. It can develop a maximum speed of 750 knots and Mach 2 above the 33.000 feet, their operation roof is of 50.000 feet. He/she has seven stations or points of sustentation to take external loads, four under the planes (wings) and the remaining ones three under the fuselage. We can say that this airplane type is qualified to complete different missions, also bill with two internal canyons of 30mm. Defa MK 552 with 125 projectiles for canyon and a variety of military loads suspended in their seven stations.
Before an imminent unfolding of the Squadrons Aeromóviles (composed by Technical Personnel and Aviators, more equipment and material that it allowed the autonomous air operations in any Base or Unit that it admitted the operation of this airplane type), in the Unit one worked to arm left to put the biggest quantity in airplanes in service; here it is necessary to make an explanation: one week before the taking of the Islands, the Technical Group had a daily average of 9/10 airplanes in service, it calculates that he/she rose significantly in these days. This was possible after working the 24 hours of the day, all put their professionalism and capacity.
The Command of Material, the Office of Connection of Israel and France worked "to full" sending the necessary reserves for the setting in service of the airplanes, they arrived Hercules C-130 bringing reserves and materials of the Areas of Material River IV and Córdoba, they also highlighted specialists and technical means to achieve this increase of airships.
A great "Body of Team" existed without differences among the Superior, Subordinate, Civil Military personnel, Soldiers and the Israeli Body of Counsels (they were hired from 1978 for the advice and training of the personnel in the different specialties of the airplane and they took this cause like own), all united ones to achieve the biggest efficiency.

It was ordered to enlist two Squadrons of Unfolding, what means that each one should have the personnel, reserves and material that allows their operation. This took to that in many critical specialties for lack of personal (electronic, cell, electricity) went necessary to appeal the one that the Areas of Material had highlighted to this Unit.
He/she should also stay the capacity of operation of the Technical Group 6, what took to form three Squadrons independent Aeromóviles one of the other one. He/she also had the support of Civil Companies and Institutions in general of the city of Tandil and Olavarría (such as Black Hill, Cordi Hnos., Metalúrgica Tandil, etc.) who put to disposition different types of elements and equipment, to name some: teams of illumination, construction of special pieces (ejectors of tanks for those of 1300 Lts., Chaff, etc. behaves).
People for thousands met in Square of May, chanting and demonstrating her enthusiasm for that happened, I/you/he/she seemed that everything had become few hours, since few days behind, some of them were maybe in that square to demonstrate her dissatisfaction and to criticize difficultly the government (I stop realized March 31), but now her feeling was other, Patriotic and Nationalist, I believe that the happiness and emotion that this people demonstrated, similar to which had the whole country, you could compare with that happened in 1978 to the conquest of the World Championship of Soccer, only ésto was very different, but also emotionally were motivated and united as few times in the history of our existence like free country.

Just as era of supposing the order "arrived of deploying" to two Squadrons Aeromóviles, each one of them with an endowment of six airplanes.
If the previous days they were "moved", this was infernal, because almost the whole personnel heading to the tasks of it enlists of airplanes, except for those that had been designated already to compose the unfolding contingent, they were correspondents in micros to say goodbye to their family and to bring their personal belongings; then they went to the Deposit of Intendency to the goods of retiring the clothes for cold area and the campaign bag, the one that contains a bed, blankets, utensils, etc.
Meanwhile the rest of the personnel enlisted the airplanes, mounting them the supplementary tanks, it loads of fuel, later setting in march to verify that they didn't have losses and that it worked the trasvase and pressurization of the same ones; the chassis canyons were mounted and once proven the state in service, they were aligned in the platform for the realization from a confirmation flight to goods of assuring the execution of the unfolding order.
To the flight platforms they went arriving the airplanes of great behavior, it was two Hercules C-130 and a Boeing 707 configured for material transport, and a Fokker F-28 that would be used for the transfer of personal, what would be carried out in the afternoon after has been loaded all the drawers of reserves, tools and teams for each specialty.
Our comrades were saying goodbye, some cheerful and delighted and other sad ones for not knowing what it would afford them the destination and in what it would finish all ésto. Partirirían with South direction toward Commodore Rivadavia, center of the Theater of Operations.
While, the means of information, either radial or television, they announced that the Argentinean Armed forces were carrying out massive unfoldings, so much toward the domestic south region as toward the Islands Malvinas.
The government British dió the order that he/she was formed the Special Force dedicated to carry out the reconquest of the Islands Malvinas and Georgia of the South as quickly as possible.
The Technical Group began its very early activities, to the 05:00 Hs., because it was not necessary to fail in anything, each one was met to their tasks so that everything came out to the perfection.
It was at night and one could listen the sound of the on motors in march to check their operation. In the flight platform fifteen airplanes were placed. Although they had to deploy twelve, three were placed standby because it could fail some to last moment.
To the 07:00 Hs. everything was clever, only awaiting the pilots who were arriving to make the previous inspection to the flight; also almost the whole personnel was overturned massively to observe, with face of sadness some and others with an anxious expression, what was logical since nobody knew what luck they would run.
Once concluded the inspections, began to ascend for the escalerilla to lodge in the booth of the airplanes, the mechanics tied them to their seats he/she stops then to close the dome and to proceed to the setting in march.
I wondered what it would go by the mind of these comrades, and I believe that they would think: Do we see again...?
They started the potent motors to Tie, with their deafening noise, then, the test of the controls to a régime of 7000 RPM: they were already clever for the departure, they began to move for the platform toward the filming street to go to the take off hint, being able to see through the flexiplás of the domes, the greeting of each one of them.
Once decolaron didn't put immediately heading for the South, but rather they flew over in closed formation and in flight rasante on the Unit, interpreting this movement like farewell greeting.
This way execution was given to that ordered, but the Unit should continue "to full", because we had to recover more airplanes. Our Squadron Control, the same as the Headquarters of Group, remained until very late working, because besides the internal requirements we had to be attentive to what you/they requested the deployed Squadrons, since one it would remain in Commodore Rivadavia with four airplanes and the other one would be in Big River with eight.
Also, fearing an attack so much of some command or by means of an air raid, he/she put on the operative dimness in effect: we should close and to cover all the openings the best thing possible, trying that they could not be detected from the air the facilities, meshes and nets were placed of masking and they were dispersed the airplanes. Also through the radio and the television was inculcated to the citizenship to accept these measures, which would be coordinated by the groupings of Civil Defense.
The Armed forces continued deploying, so much for air, marine and terrestrial means, toward the Theater of Operations.
In the Unit we should have airplanes permanently in alert state, besides intensifying the activity of the airships biplaza to train and to rehabilitate pilots that were in another Destination when this conflict took place, but that they had flown this airplane type and now it was necessary count on them again.
The activity didn't decay, they began to arrive the requirements of reserves and material for the deployed units. Many times to send in urgent form some reserve, he/she was taken out the chassis canyon to some biplaza, the element was placed there and it was remitted. This allowed that in little time they could have the valuable reserve and we also took advantage of the opportunity to send correspondence and some small post to the deployed personnel, since surely for them it was a great happiness to receive them.
We had information that the British Forces were composed by the carry-airplanes Hermes and the Invincible one, each one of them in time of peace takes five airplanes V/Stal it is Harrier FR51 in charge of the air intercepción, operations antibuques and air recognition; they also had an endowment of ten fight helicopters ASM it is King, but this time each carry-airplane it was loaded with twelve airplanes and fifteen helicopters. Jointly it formed this Force a thirty of ships of war (three cruises, nine destroyers, twenty frigates, two assault ships and four submarines) that weighed anchor toward the South.
Through the Chancellors designated by each Government it was to reach a peaceful agreement by means of the International Jurisdictions, but day by day these relationships deteriorated and a single exit was only seen that was that of a warlike confrontation.
The deployed Squadrons began with the air activity of carrying out practice flights, simulating attacks has more than enough similar ships to those of the British Forces that the Argentinean Marina possesses, they also carried out launching of real military loads (bombs, shots of canyons) and flights rasantes on the sea. This training is fundamental for our pilots, because of there they will obtain experience for if they should attack and to face to the British Forces. In the practices of launching of the bombs it could be proven that some of these didn't explode, they required us the Manuals of the Fuses; analyzed these, he/she decided the use of another fuse type.
The day April 12 two more airplanes were sent to increase the endowment of Commodore Rivadavia at six.
Today is my birthday but it was as one day more, the tasks of our Technical Group went similar to those of passed days, daily we received material requirements and in some cases of personal, because there in the South, when beginning the practice flights and recognition, they were in full activity.
In the domestic rest people in big masses were overturned day by day to the squares and meeting centers, supporting our Government's posture, because through the International Diplomacy any advance was not achieved, on the contrary, according to them we should abandon the Islands.
The President of the Nation, Have. Gral. Leopoldo F. Galtieri, gave its speech to the country and the crowd overturned in Square of May, and among other things it exalted to the town saying that "If they attack us we will defend" and this way thousands and citizens' of both sexes thousands offered voluntarily to enroll to the combat forces in formation.
For the British side, the Primera Minister Margaret Thatcher didn't understand reasons and it discarded all solution proposal for the peaceful road.
This way, each Ruler called for his side and in a different way to a war.
The air activity in our Unit was very big as previously I pointed out, especially with the airplanes biplazas, because they were carried out flights of the pilots' readaptation that were outside of training for not flying as consequence of being of pass in other Units. The Command sent them to be readapted and later on to unite to the Squadrons Aeromóviles.
I want to highlight since to one of them that it was readapted only in three flights after two years of inactivity in this type of airships, he/she had requested their drop of the permanent square to incorporate to Argentinean Airlines as Major of the airplanes Boeing. It was the former one 1er.Have. Musso who once readapted correspondent went to Commodore Rivadavia. This gentleman was presented demonstrating his professionalism voluntarily and to feel for the cause.
Our today airplanes deployed in the South carried out their first sobrevuelo on the Islands Malvinas, uniting and intertwining them this way with the continent.
To be able to carry out this operation type, the airplanes should be configured with three supplementary tanks of 1300 Lts. each one (the flight between going and return was of two hours).
The news put us very happy. This experience brought harnessed that when they are carried out flights rasantes on the sea, the breeze of the same one and the high saltpeter content forces to wash the airships. If it was not made this way, corrosion could take place in the material. In the domes on the flexiplás, he/she was formed a movie that hindered the vision of the pilots.
With lapsing of the days he/she swims ago to suppose that the situation would improve, but on the contrary, minute to minute it worsened.
They called themselves to the reservations of the Soldiers class 1962 to enroll again to the lines of the different Forces.
The town that was not unaware to this situation with its fervor, collaborated in the crusade formed to pay the expenditures taken place by the supply of warlike material to the Armed forces, as well as of allowances, clothes, fuel, etc., expenses that it was said could not be confronted by the Government; to this crusade it denominated it to him National" Patriotic "Fund. This way the whole population - big, boys, old men, rich and not so much - they gave of heart their donations, until it was donated gold and personal jewels, as they made it formerly the ladies that D. collaborated with the General Liberator's Army José of San Martin.
Through the international diplomatic stocks, either in the OAS like in other world Organizations involved in the conflict, we knew who our friends or enemies were, taking us big surprises, because countries that we believed would give us their support they gave our back and others who we didn't trust, not only supported us but until they wanted to offer us warlike help if we required it.
One of the biggest griefs feels it because of the United States of America, not only not us dió their support but rather it offered it to the Englishmen, so much in the diplomatic face as in the military one, because it allowed them to use the military facilities of the Island Asención for the reaprovisionamiento to their fleet and that they used the hint for the operations of their airplanes, facilitating their long voyage very much toward the Islands Malvinas.
With running of the days he/she was not a peaceful exit, our airplanes continued intruding with their recognition flights and patrolling to try to sight some British objective and to get used to this flight type in that you/they only saw water, it also dilutes and more water.
The situation in general was not different to that of the previous days, unless the exchange of some airplane took place for flaws that they were not possible to solve in the deployed places. Then they were remitted to this Unit and from here another it was dedicated to complete the endowment.
To the Squadron sent to Commodore Rivadavia he/she was ordered to deploy toward the Base San distant Julián to 380 Km. more to the south; the reason of this movement was based in the necessity of achieving the biggest use in the autonomy of flight of the airplanes, since he/she shortened the distance between Argentinean Port and the continent in 100 Km., each liter of fuel that could be saved was worth gold for the pilot's subsistence, because if it was operated from Commodore Rivadavia and one entered in combat one could not return to the continent, with the impossibility of landing in the Islands Malvinas and without consenting to the reabastecimiento of fuel in flight as another airship type. The pilots would have that eyectarse on the sea, for what we would not only lose an airplane but a life due to the drops temperatures of the waters that don't allow to survive more than five minutes, dying finally frozen. Mainly for this last reason he/she took the decision of the transfer.
The use of this small Base brought harnessed the necessity of more material and more personal, since doesn't possess the infrastructure neither the equipment that he/she has Commodore Rivadavia.
San Julián is a small city located in the Atlantic coast of Santa Cruz's county.
It is had in our Unit a section of Airships in Alert H-24 that is formed by two airplanes configured with missiles Shafrir for air intersection; the remaining ones are revised and they are placed the necessary armaments, attentive to new unfolding order, command difficult to execute because it lacks backup material and it would be left to this Unit without operability means, although so much the Areas of Material as the VIII Air Brigade would offer us their support of being necessary.
To this height of the events, the whole Civil Personnel of the Armed forces is summoned, what means that we are to disposition of the Forces and under the same conditions that the Military personnel.
I am in that position from April 05. The schedule of activity is from 05:30 to 21:00 Hs., practically we live inside the Unit, on Saturdays and Sundays they ended and we can only be with our family a couple of hours, but we all understand the situation.
One of my daily tasks is to upgrade the Court of Situation, where it is detailed the state and location of each airplane starting from the information received in the telegraphic cables or calls from the Theater of Operations and of the places where they are deployed our airplanes (I Laugh Big - San Julián).
The Court is in the office of the Boss of the Squadron Control, the biggest D. José Alfonso Rodeyro. Daily the information leaves increasing, what allows us to be aware of the novelties.
Today all the hopes of a peaceful arrangement of the conflict disappeared and they were given had finished the diplomatic tratativas in the International Jurisdictions, because it was carried out the first warlike confrontation in the Islands Georgia of the South. It no longer fits any doubt that the British Forces will attack Malvinas, I believe that the war was already declared to weigh that nobody wants to call this way it, but warlike" "conflict.
In the B.A.M. San Julián was the airplanes the whole day in alert state; in the afternoon they were configured with bombs and missiles to leave to attack the British fleet that was very close. But it was not attacked.
When darkening it sounded the alarm and it was ordered to lower the bombs and missiles. The imminent possibility of an air attack existed on the part of airplanes Vulcan that the Argentinean radars had detected, informing that they went in address to the continent that was to less than 50 minutes of the position of those airplanes.
While in San Julián he/she enrolled everything for the fold of the airplanes, here it was ordered the personnel not to retire and to have all clever one to receive them. The same ones began to arrive to the 22:00 Hs., toward 22:30 o'clock all had already landed, the pilots related that happened commenting the speed of the specialists to enlist the airplanes. They also wanted to know how the situation was in that moment in San Julián. The maintenance personnel and of support technician he/she had to stay and to be preserved in the refuges, with the tension that one can imagine, until the sirens sounded giving the end of the alarm that was false for luck, to weigh again that it was real the incursion of the British airplanes. Thanks to God anything happened to our comrades.
Once recepcionados the airplanes, the novelties were lifted (routine: radio problems and of varioalternador) and hangarados.
To the 23:45 Hs. we could retire to our homes.

The alert "RED" and later unfolding of the airplanes of the BAN SAN JULIAN toward I SAW it Air Brigade, it was product of having been detected by the Argentinean radars that English Bombing airplanes Avro Vulcan went bound for the Argentinean continental territory, besides the existence of groups commands that you/they would have disembarked in an intermediate port among Creek Olivia and Wanted Port.
Dos helicopters belonging to the I Exercise Argentinean with combat patrol car they carried out the patrolling, in this operation one of the helicopters was declared missing jointly with their company.
The airplanes that arrived of San Julián were enlisted for a feasible redespliegue to this Base, but I eat the possibility of an attack it still existed on the part of the British Forces, they would remain in this Unit.
Very early they enrolled the airplanes to remit them to the B.A.M. San Julián, repeated the same scene of when they deployed for the first time, but with more emotion, because surely these airplanes and his pilots, for like the last events were developed, they would enter in combat.
The redespliegue operation was completed without novelty, to six airplanes that refolded they were added two more increasing the endowment at eight and they left bound for its Base of original unfolding.
Later on we find out that our airplanes attacked to the British fleet, being this recorded day and stamped in words of gold for our Air force, since it was the baptism of our aviators' fire and also the loss of an airplane and their pilot.
Once arrived the Squadrons that we had remitted San Julián, one had been configured with bombs and the other one with missiles Shafrir, and they were in "alert 5 minutes", what means that when one receives the exit order the maximum thing that it can take a long time in being in the air it is 5 minutes. Also in the Base of Big River identical operation was ordered.
The departure of two airplanes was ordered from Big River for a recognition mission and the enemy's tracking, to this height the English fleet was already in the proximities of the Islands Malvinas. One of these airplanes, for flaw technique, had to return to the Base; the other airplane followed its mission, era the C-433 piloteado for the 1er. Have. José Leonidas Ardiles. The minutes they became hours, and when not returning of the mission, perhaps for reasons of autonomy, you the dió for missing.
Later on we find out that it had been attacked by two airplanes it is Harrier: one of these threw a missile that destroyed to the airplane and it didn't allow their pilot's ejection. It was this way the first mission of the I Squadron Aeromóvil M-V and their first loss.
It was a very hard blow for the personnel deployed in both Squadrons and also for our Unit. For my mind they did pass the images of this comrade's first alone flight, to who called it affectionately "Pepe", he/she did stand out for their kindness and courtesy, did he/she cost to believe this loss and did we wonder how many more we will have...? This way the Air force and especially our Brigade lost its first pilot, becoming our first "Hero."
Simultaneously in the B.A.M. San Julián was ordered the departure of a Squadron to attack to the British fleet. The same one was formed by the Capt. Dimeglio C-412, the 1er.Have. Román C-407 and the one Has. Aguirre Faguet C-432, Configuration: 3 tanks pendulous 1.300 lt. c/u 2 bombs BRP of 250 Kg. braked line. Canyons 30 mm.
This Squadron would be the first one that took contact with the English fleet, attacking it and obtaining an excellent result, since they caused serious damages to a destroyer and they damaged to two frigates; Result of the attack: Frigate type 21ARROW-very damaged HMS (C-412)Fragata type 21 ALACRITY-damaged HMS (C-432, C-407), when returning to the continent they were pursued by a patrol car of airplanes it is Harrier, but thanks to the intersection of two airplanes that you/they were making them protection covering, they put in flight to the Englishmen.
The five airships returned to their Base, this way the II Squadron Aeromóvil the first one that attacked to the enemy fleet was and also the first attack of our Air force to another Nation. Our Baptism of Fire that he/she left was like balance an enormous sadness for the pilot's loss (1er.Have. Ardiles) and a great happiness to have attacked and provoked damages to the English fleet.
While the diffusion means informed these events, the English airplanes attacked to the Forces highlighted in Malvinas. According to the official official statements of our country, four airplanes were demolished it is Harrier and two more they were damaged of consideration, all ésto taken place by the artillery deployed in the Islands. They also detailed the attacks of the Argentinean aviation that it caused big damages to the British fleet: two destroyers and seriously damaged two frigates.
To our Court of Situation the telegraphic messages arrived with the particulars of that happened in both deployed Squadrons and information in general of the conflict.
We knew that the Air force had lost two airplanes Mirage M-III, one of the pilots one could eyectar after to enter in combat with an English airplane and to rub in flight with the enemy, being rescued by the own forces. The other one also entered in combat, but when realizing that their autonomy of fuel was scarce and it would not allow him to return to the continent, he/she tried to save the airplane entering to the air space of Malvinas without reaching to communicate with the radial controls neither the artillery of defense of the Island so that it disconnected the shot system that works this way: neither well it enters an airplane in area of detection of their radar, automatically it begins to shoot. And this airplane was demolished this way to have been confused with the enemy that also attacked in that precise instant.
Of the attacks taken place by the English aviation to the Islands, it was destruído an airplane IA-50 Pucará in earth. Our Air force also lost an airplane MK-62 Canberra, disappearing its two pilots.
When concluding this day, the Air force had gone by its Baptism of Fire and suffering the loss of four pilots.

He/she didn't still fade the happiness of having made with success the first attack to the English fleet, when we received the news that an English submarine, the Conqueror, it had thrown two torpedos MK8 on the General cruise Belgrano, provoking him serious damages: in less than one hour he/she collapsed.
The attack was developed outside of the exclusion area - 200 marine miles - and it was claimed before the OAS to leave well in undoubtedly the Britons didn't respect that area. The quantity of human losses was 323 Argentinean marines.
This type of news made us take conscience of the graveness of the war and of the pirates that continued being the Englishmen, erasing definitively of our minds the desires of a solution for the diplomatic road.
Due to the adverse metereología, today there was not participation of our deployed airplanes. He/she took advantage to plan the movements and to recondition the airplanes and places where the maintenance tasks are developed.
Two more airplanes were sent toward the B.A.M. San Julián, to the goods of increasing their endowment at ten.
In the stocks of the day of the date, the Argentina lost an airplane MB339 Macchi when smashing on Malvinas, dying its pilot. The English aviation attacked to the Warning Second lieutenant it PLOWS Sobral, damaging it. They were wounded of consideration two tripulantes and eight they died.
The informations that we received from the South indicated that the airplanes Dagger of San Julián didn't carry out any incursion, they only made confirmation flights, launchings of bombs and test of supplementary tanks of 1700 liters. Soon after that the pilots after attacking and to have bigger maneuverability and smaller resistance for the flight, since the same ones produce a resistance to the advance called aeronautically with the name of "Drag" like likewise the lost of maneuverability. Eyectan the supplementary tanks, we received requirements of the same ones, because they were indispensable to be able to operate between the continent and Malvinas.
But today would be another black day for the English fleet, a Squadron of naval airplanes Super Etendard attacked to the British destroyer of the type 42 Sheffield with a missile AM 39 Exocet, impacting it. According to the English reports the explosive load didn't explode, but it caused big damages and several deads, leaving outside of combat to this destroyer.
It was a great success for the own Forces, the Englishmen wondered how they had made the Argentineans to use this since armament they supposed that the same one was baled in the Port of Buenos Aires. They knew that the French that should carry out the technical support to the Argentina had not finished enlisting the material when this conflict was declared, having to return to its country, since France supported the posture of the Britons. Then, how could it be carried out the operation? Well, the Engineers and Argentinean Technicians, demonstrating their capacity and genius, they were able to assemble and to put to point the computer of shot of the airplane with the missile. This news invaded the radio radio stations and the first planes of all the newspapers of the world.
While the airplanes Super Etendard carried out this attack, two sections of airplanes Dagger of the I Squadron Aeromóvil of Big River, made protection covering. The British Force had material and human losses: they were demolished him two airplanes it is Harrier, the destructive HMS Sheffield it was seriously damaged and twenty-two missing tripulantes
Our Unit continued with its activity, identical to that of previous days. The news that we received from the South said that for malas meteorological conditions, either in the continent or in the Islands, they were not carried out air incursions.
For message Nº 2765 GHO 051320 May 82 of BUEFACT (Major of the Air force) he/she communicates to the whole Civil Personnel that for Ordinance Nº the 23 Apr 807 82, the entirety of the Masculine and Feminine Civil Personnel of the Commands in Bosses of the Armed forces has been automatically SUMMONED to the benefit of the Service of Defense, under the Régime of the Law Nº 16.970, its Ordinance Regulation Nº 739/67, the Law Nº 20.318 and of the mentioned Ordinance that you/they Assign Military State to the Summoned Personnel and its subjection to the Code of Military Justice and of Regulation of Justice of each Force.
During these days armed confrontations neither losses of both parts didn't take place.
Neither it was glimpsed that by means of the diplomacy this conflict will finish. On the contrary, the British Cabinet was convinced that the only form of finding a solution to this crisis would be to force to the Argentinean garnish to surrender, with or without low of both sides. This left well in undoubtedly in this conflict they would be plentiful only warlike stocks.
Of the two Squadrons Aeromóviles exits took place, but the airplanes had to return the metereología then it was adverse.
Dos airplanes TO-4C they had an accident when smashing against the Island Jackson (product of the climatic conditions), dying their two pilots.
A British airplane attacked savagely to an Argentinean fishing ship, the Tusk, causing him serious damages that finally caused its sinking. Their 25 tripulantes made abandonment of the craft, they approached two rafts that were attacked by another airplane it is Harrier, sinking them, the personnel rushed to the water and the wounded were placed in a boat, dying one. A helicopter Puma of the Argentinean Army left from Malvinas in this people's aid, but it was demolished by the Englishmen.

It followed the bad time in the south, but today was one of those days that saddened to our Unit, since we lost another comrade: the End Héctor Sticks who was in the ship of transport River Carcarañá that was attacked by English airplanes is Harrier, one of them shot a missile against this ship causing several deads and wounded.
Another Argentinean ship, the ship transports it PLOWS Island of the States, it was attacked by a frigate of the English fleet. This attack caused an explosion and its later sinking, leaving a balance of 18 deads.
But they also had their part: the Sheffield, when being towed by another English ship to take it out of the fire area, left in two and he/she collapsed.
In the South and in the Islands Malvinas, the metereología continued being adverse for the air operations. The English fleet was very near the Islands, practically within reach of the hands... and not to be able to them to attack...!!! Another time the gods of the war favored the pirates.
Only the two Squadrons of airplanes TO-4B they attacked to the British fleet, one of them 42 Brilliant attacked against the frigate type, the one that shot its missiles is Wolf demolishing to two airplanes, a third smashed against the sea and the remaining one shot him its canyons of 20 mm., damaging it.
Of the second Squadron, also formed by four airplanes Skyhawk TO-4B, one attacked the destructive Glasgow throwing their bomb MK-17 that made impact but it didn't explode, perforating it from side to side and exploding later on. This damage would force him to retire of the area of the conflict. The three remaining airplanes already attacked to the damaged frigate Brilliant, but they could not produce him bigger deteriorations. When concluding this attack and to begin the evasive maneuvers, one of them flew over the forbidden area defended by Darwin's artillery, being demolished.
These attacks demonstrated that the English fleet is vulnerable, although a great cost is paid by the human losses and of material, our pilots are always willing to fulfill the call of the Homeland without doubting, until giving its life.
The FASS (South Air force) after these attacks it checked that problems were presented with the bombs, since they didn't explode, it was it product of being thrown in flight rasante and at great speed, not allowing the armed of the fuse, for what was being to change this fuse for another of smaller time of armed.
An airplane is Harrier it attacked and it caused big damages to the patrol coastal Z-28 Islands Malvinas of 80 Tn, belonging to the Naval Prefecture Argentina.

The metereología persisted adverse for the air operations, the English fleet continued with the gunfire Malvinas it has more than enough, the airplanes are Harrier they changed its tactics and they threw the bombs from great height (because when they carried out the flights rasantes they were attacked by the Argentinean artillery, provoking them several derribos), sowing the floor with them but not making impact neither vital damages.
May 13 moved to Malvinas a canyon of 155 mm. Sofma in a Hercules C-130; position in operation and starting from May 14 it repelled the attack of an English ship that changed intention quickly and of direction. This canyon, with the course of the days, transformed in a he/she arms lethal for the enemy.
It is Saturday, but since this war began it was as a working normal day, because they didn't exist the "non" working days.
They called me the Boss of Group, Commodore Martínez, and the Boss of the Squadron Control, bigger Rodeyro who asked me if he/she would have some inconvenience in being deployed. Of course I told them that nr.
Then they explained to me that my going to San Julian was to reinforce the control tasks which were being carried out by Tomas Landivar who is also Personal Civil and partner of tasks; he was studying in the University and toward month ends he/she had to surrender some final matters. Tomás had never mentioned them the topic neither it had asked to be relief, he only requested the biggest Rodeyro that warned to the University that would not be presented to the exams to be deployed, but the Adult considered that the best thing would be to raise him since the already took but of 45 days and this way it could surrender since he knew about the sacrifice that Tomás made to be able to study. Also, being the best general average in the Ability, the fairrest thing was not to harm it if you could look for a solution; they also clarified me that when he/she was carried out the formation of the Squadrons Aeromóviles, I was in the original list but the biggest Rodeyro he/she estimated better to send to Landivar to be single and me married, with a small daughter.
The Commodore me dió all their support and that of the Boss of Unit. They trusted me a lot and they advised me to deploy calm, since if God allowed that I spent something, my family it would be protected. To listen these words me dió a lot of serenity, the biggest Rodeyro would also deploy next to me to the Base San Julián to be taken charge of the maintenance personnel.
We go to the Deposit of Intendency to retire the clothes for cold, little area and anything had in existence, but the boys and Suboficiales they gave me the biggest quantity possible and many things that they lacked they lent them to me of their provided teams, all I placed it inside the bag for unfolding, I lacked the bed of sleeping that he/she had it to me to give the thin Landivar.
After this step I went to my working place to comment to my partners, to prepare the documentation and to upgrade the whole information that he/she could need. I called to the South, I spoke with the thin one and I gave him the novelty, it became happy and it was thanked to be able to this way to usually follow their studies, he/she told me what it lacked there and what he believed should take. I confirmed him that our transfer would be on Monday.
My partners offered me their collaboration to prepare everything, the Commodore told me that tomorrow he/she had the free day to finish preparing my things and to say goodbye to my family. It was not still known in what half they would send us.
I got up very early, my intention was to say goodbye from the nearest and fuí to my parents' house, they became very nervous and, as all the parents, concerned; I told to my sister that it tried to calm them that anything would spend that I wanted to be there with my partners in the South that I would take care and that they had a lot of faith that everything would come out well; I promised them that he/she would call them and he/she would write them from where is.
Then fuí to the house of my in-laws who you/they worried also, but at once they prepared me a box full with groceries (salamines, cheeses, chocolates, masses and many things more), I ate lunch with them and then I went out with my brother-in-law toward the Club of Gliders, since the day was beautiful to fly (both were making Private Pilot's of Gliders course).
My instructor advised me to carry out two flights because nobody knew when it would return to pilotear; when I landed of the second flight, I met with the Suboficial Rossi and my lady that will have looked for me because to the 19:00 Hs. it would arrive to the Unit a Hercules C-130 that would take us to the I Air Brigade (Hard-twisted) it stops later on to leave in another following up-to-date flight toward Commodore Rivadavia.
I greeted the boys of the Club and we went home to look for my belongings and to say goodbye to my daughter Romina Paola, the mother told him that dad had to go with the soldiers and airplanes to the South and her he asked if I left with the airplanes malvineros, the truth that the farewell was very sad...
We go to the Unit where the biggest Rodeyro and three Suboficiales were already more, we approach the C-130 to the 19:30 Hs. and we leave in flight toward the I Brigade, arriving to the 20:15 Hs. When getting off the C-130 we could observe that in a totally illuminated Hangar they were two airplanes: a Hercules C-130 and a Fokker F-27 incredibly artillados, portabombas was seen placed under its wings, I had never imagined this way a thing, it was something disheveled, he/she didn't enter me in the head how they could attack some objective with these airplanes, if they seemed so vulnerable due to its size and to the scarce speed and maneuverability. It was this way demonstrated that they put on all the available means and imagination to act in this war.
The Boss of Shift received us who transferred us to the Casino to have dinner and later on to sleep, because tomorrow at the 08:00 hours is foreseen the departure toward the South.
To the 06:30 Hs. we were already clever and had breakfast, we go to the Department Operations of the Unit to discover to what time and in what airplane we would leave: to the 08:00 Hs. and in a Fokker F-28.
In accordance with that foreseen leave toward the South, during the flight I fell asleep and when the biggest Rodeyro woke up me we were already arriving to destination; we land in Commodore Rivadavia to the 10:50 Hs., there I could appreciate the incessant arrival of airplanes of transport with warlike material and combat troops, I met the tactical and personal plungers of the GOE (Group Special Operations), some very exotic characters of rude and pensive aspect, they were awaiting a C-130 that would transfer them to the Islands Malvinas. You could also appreciate the immense deposits of supply of clothes and allowances, replete, full their storage capacity.
We go to the building of the Airport that was guarded for personal feminine with the grade of End, First End and some that another Main End that you/they greeted us like mark the Regulation. In the Department Operations they informed us that we would have to await some available means of shipment; practically we were there the whole day, we eat lunch in the Casino and then we discover if there was some novelty on our transfer to San Julián. Without results, to the 20:30 Hs. we had dinner to the Casino again and while we made it the Adult it arrived and he/she told us that newly to the 23:00 Hs. we would leave in a Lear Jet.
We leave to the 23:15 Hs., when flying over Commodore Rivadavia it was incredible not to distinguish some form, neither a light, how well it was darkened, masked and camouflaged the Unit! And in the city the operative of dimness also worked to the perfection, everything was black except for some dispersed lucesita.
In the approach circuit we could not observe the dimensions of San Julián's town, because there the operative of dimness also worked to the perfection. Once we play hint and we lower, the shift Official received us, it was very cold, an icy and humid wind ran, we could see on the platform and in the heads the silhouettes of our faithful Dagger, material everywhere and small carps that later on knew what they harbored.
As they were already the 24:00 Hs. they housed us in the same Base. I believe that starting from this moment things that you/they won't be able to fade of my mind will happen...
An airplane is Harrier it attacked to the ship of transport of 5000 Tn Bay Good Event, the one that days before it had been damaged and left inoperable.
Another airplane attacked to the ship I Laugh Carcarañá that was damaged also, being in identical situation that the previous one.
Something that made us think happened that the Englishmen Malvinas would not only attack but also to the continent. In front of the coast of Big River an English submarine left three pneumatic crafts with groups commands; they were discovered by the destroyer Bouchard that opened artillery fire PLOWS until the echoes of the radar disappeared, making the enemy intent who surely had the intention of sabotaging the facilities and airplanes deployed in the Base to fail.
The patrolling was intensified, so much by means of ships of the Armada as of the Prefecture, and he/she spread a strong defense in the Argentinean coast.
We wake up to the 06:00 Hs. Later they received us the Boss of the Base, Commodore Maistegui and the Boss of Technicians of the Unit, Commodore Aguirre.
After this presentation we meet with our partners that received us with great since happiness we brought them their relatives' news and friends, I had around 30 letters (every week he/she met a quantity of them making a single wrapping and they were sent since in the first means that came for these places, if they were remitted the same ones by mail they should go first by an intelligence control and security, what delayed their arrival very much to destination. To give an example, a sent letter April 08 were received May 15). A method that we used was to send them inside the requested reserves that they were remitted in urgent form in flights of material exchange. It is indescribable the happiness reflected in their faces when we give them the correspondence.
Later on we meet with the biggest Sapolsky that is the Boss of the Squadron it Hunts and the oldest in the Squadron Aeromóvil and the 1er. Have. Inns to position until the personnel's of Support moment and Maintenance, since then it would occupy this position the biggest Rodeyro. They explained to us the operation of the Base, their organization, the tasks and the inconveniences that so far had been caused.
Then the fuí to see quickly the thin Landivar for interiorizarme of their task, since he would go aboard to the 16:00 Hs. After a "domestic" chat related with the partners of Tandil, it was met to transfer me the tasks to develop: basically he/she would have to have permanent communication through campaign telephone or HT portable radio (handies talkies) with both hint heads and with the flight platform where they were deployed our airplanes, it should consult the state of the same ones, to take note of this information, to call to Operations and to pass the novelties, to ask if it had planned some operation for our System of Weapons, they in turn would indicate me the configuration with which they should enroll the airplanes and dear hour of departure, the one that would be upgraded periodically. Once received this information, it should transmit it to the heads and platform for their execution. Concluded the one enlists, I would be communicated so that he/she took expressed note and it transmitted to the Department Operations the novelties, registration number, configuration, armament type, quantity of ammunition and place of location of each airship. He/she would also have to move to the Court of Pilots, to write down these data there in the existent slate and to discover the piloto/avión data that would integrate the mission. Concluded this task, would have to call again to Operations to pass them the data obtained in the Court of Pilots and to look forward to the exit order or upgrade of its schedule to be informed it to the places of unfolding of the airships. Once they left in mission, I would be informed the aviones/pilotos and definitive schedule to transmit them to Operations. To their return, I would be informed schedule, state and novelties so that I made another point with Operations. It should also make the messages of application of reserves and necessary materials, to inform the Boss of Group daily of I SAW it Brigade about the general situation and urgent necessities if they existed.
Another task would be to make the pursuit of each airplane, available hours until the next inspection, type of the same one, so much of cell as of motor. It should also make the Vouchers of Fuel, very delicate task since is a check type it is used as load voucher so that the Concessionaire proceeds to its collection before Air force; one should be made by air per day.
And lastly he/she would have to make Guerra's Daily Part that is a summary of the daily activity, flown hours, state of the airplanes, fulfilled mission, ammunition resultado,consumo, etc.
As you it can appreciate, the tasks to develop are many and neither what to say of the responsibility. To compare: the Squadron TO-4C he/she has heading to these works to three bigger Suboficiales, an Official and a Civil Personnel. And here I am only me. But Tomás told me that many hands in a plate make scrabbles, maybe with the course of the time he agrees with him.
Giving had concluded the explanations, Tomás gave me the whole documentation that possessed; we ask to Operations if there was something foreseen for the Dagger and I eat they answered us negatively, the thin one intended me to know the Base, but we take the HT to listen and to be attentive to any requirement.
The Base has a hint of 2.000 extension meters more an it lengthens with irons of aluminum of 250 mts., a modest control tower, a platform of concrete of reduced dimensions and a construction of approximately 500 m2 (previously it was a Court of Passengers used by LADE), now it was composed by small rooms divided to each other where they lodged the Court of First Aids, Pharmacy, Intendency and Deposits in an alone one, others were occupied by Intelligence, Court of Pilots and Wardrobe. The Boss's of Base office is part of a wing of the building, the other wing it is understood by a Court of Situation (locus in quo I would carry out my tasks), shared with people of TO-4C. Hit this the Court of Metereología was and lastly a room that completed the function of deposit of load terminal.
Construído refuges was had for airplanes, called "Bunkers", of concrete and completely busy for the Squadron TO-4C. They had arrived the first days of April and our Squadron had made it later, for that reason it was that they had the best comforts.
We went to travel the hint heads and I met with the dear S.M. Alvarez and S.Aux. Pizarro, big people. In each head they were deployed four airplanes and my partners had mounted carps to be protected some the cold and to keep the tools and necessary teams. Tomás told me that he would already have opportunity to appreciate the hard and sacrificed that was to work under these conditions. The existent carps don't present neither they offer the minimum conditions of comfort, the wind blows the whole day with a speed average of 60 Km/hora, colds that oscillate between 15 and below zero 19 grades, the rain, dilutes it snows and snow that he/she often falls in this time, and, in spite of everything, the morals was high and the biggest bias.
I also saw the whole material of explosive, bombs, containers with missiles dispersed Shafrir in the land and to the bleakness, neither to think of an appropriate receipt for the personnel for if the possibility of an enemy attack existed. In the whole Base they only had two refuges, one of those which was construído for an excavating machine and recovered with wooden sticks hard (quebracho seemingly) where later on he/she was placed earth, better era not to imagine a bombing on him...; besides the construction fragility, it was located behind the Tower of Control, I think that it was an inappropriate place since if there was an air attack the first target it would be the hint and then the facilities, the only thing good that had it was that it was to a step of the many that we would be in the construction. The other refuge was a little far away and it was also for the personnel that carried out the protection tasks and security of the Base, for people of Operations that was housed in rolling stalls, the same as those of Communications, its construction was stronger because he/she was in a small hillside, being an excavation type mines, he/she gave the impression of offering a bigger protection, but its great one against era that it was very far from where the personnel was.
In the heads, for protection, they were deployed two batteries of artillery of 20 mm. with a potent radar, also around the Base the land was mined.
Tomás told me that it was very complicated for the personnel to develop the maintenance tasks and inspections from the airplanes to the bleakness, neither what to speak of the gunsmiths that daily (to the 04:00 Hs.) they began to configure the airplanes, to mount the bombs, to load the chassis canyons. Another of the inconveniences that Tomás had suffered in flesh and blood was the communications, several times he had to leave running for the platform or hint to inform the new since order some HT they didn't work or the campaign telephones that relatively worked well, they had a great one against that it was to intertwine the communications through a switch and he almost always gave busy or it was saturated, because he didn't give to vast with all the transmissions.
To big features ésto it was a description of the Base.
Then we request permission to the biggest Rodeyro to go to San Julián's town, provided there was not some foreseen activity. Authorized, we move in a community that took to the personnel to eat lunch (daily they were carried out two shifts, allowing this way to continue operating). We arrive this way at the small town, separated from the Base approximately 7 Km., united by the Route National Nº 3, it is very small, we stopped in the building of ENTEL to call to Tandil, I spoke with my lady and my parents to tell them that it had arrived well and that they were calm; also Tomás me dió the telephone of the Gym where they could call me at nights.
From there we go to the Municipal Gym, when entering me I took a great surprise: for all sides they had beds of sleeping, unfolding bags and bolsones, cohabited a total of 360 people among Suboficiales, Civil and Soldiers in such a reduced space (in fact it was a basquetball court and one of ball palette). While the thin one prepared their things to return and it separated those that will leave, he/she commented me that one of the biggest inconveniences takes place when it is necessary to be cleaned, since only it is had five lavatories, ten showers and the hot water works from 18:30 o'clock until the 19:30 Hs., after this hour he/she intersects the light for dimness.
After to enlist everything and to leave me the bed and some other things, we went walking to the locus in quo it is rationed. The dining room of the whole personnel without grade distinction, is a municipal grill, a construction formed by a great kitchen that it occupies the central part and two rectangular wings of almost a hundred meters each a, used as dining room and I eat deposit in general, respectively. This grill is separated from the Gym to about 600 meters, it is construída on the edge of the bay that Atlantic enters from the Ocean (some inhabitants develop fishing activity in her).
We meet with our comrades in a very long table, the lunch was a stew of potatoes, peas and pieces of lamb meat, seasoned with much spicy (according to the experts in the culinary art, ésto dá many calories), to take: orange juice with water, the dessert: an apple. The thin one told me that this menu would repeat every day, as much for the lunch as for the dinner. During a brief after dinner, some take advantage to write some lines that he would take from return to Tandil, I reiterated to my family that was happy and that they were calm.
Then we returned to the Base in micro, the climate era of happiness, we arrive to the 14:00 Hs. While Tomás said goodbye to all the partners, I went to the Department Intelligence so that they made me the Card of Identification and that they took all my personal data, they gave me a foil identificatoria of stainless steel with a chain so that it hung me to the neck, (that is indestructible), they entrusted me that it took it permanently since if something spent she would be good for my identification. I didn't take with a lot of pleasure this explanation, but thinking it well, logical era.
Later on fuí to the Department Operations where they were surprised when being because they waited a grown-up, although I am 23 years old I represent a little less. They knew that I was a correspondent for the Com. Martínez and he/she had the Boss's of Unit collateral signature, Brigadier Camblor. They explained to me the tasks that the thin one had already been early.
Then I met with the biggest Rodeyro and the 1er.Have. Inns, presented me to the Suboficiales and Official of TO-4C (Vcom. Carlos María Llabrés and 1er.Have. Hugo Rosebushes), they already knew about the change with the thin one, they helped me to accommodate my things among which the box prepared by my in-laws, Mrs. Alicia and Celestino was, it could not be better celebrated my arrival, we carry out a small one itched to which was added the 1er.Have Rocha and Tomasito that would leave in few more moments toward Tandil (the airplane, a F-28, it was loading fuel and he/she came from Big River) the climate was very calm since it would not have left Dagger neither of TO-4C.
I said goodbye to Tomás with a strong hug, equally of the 1er.Have. Rocha, wishing them happy return and transmitting my greetings to all the partners of Tandil; they left to the 17:00 Hs.
I began my tasks editing the messages of state of airplanes and Guerra's Daily Part, because although you doesn't develop missions, equally it was necessary to make it. It had already darkened, approximately it happens to the 17:45 Hs., and it dawns to the 08:00 Hs. The temperature was below zero. After having signed the biggest Rodeyro, I took the documentation to the Commodore Maistegui and finally to the Court of Teletypewriter that is in a rolling stall facilitated by the Company YPF.
Fuí to the Court of Situation, there practically was not task to carry out, it was only coordinated who they would be of "alert" in the Base and the rest was liberated to approach the micro that would transfer us to the Gym.
For me the tasks also concluded, this was my first day and it seems to be with a lot of since luck according to people of TO-4C rarely they could retire early (18:30 Hs.). In the return trip a great companionship existed, some that other it always went out with some joke or joke making allusion to the "Paw of Wool"... Many of them were Cordovan that we know they have an admirable spark.
Once arrived to the Gym I was devoted to prepare the bed with the bed clothes and the rest of my belongings, I gave myself a shower, later we join go to have dinner to the grill, they clarified me that he/she tried to get dressed with the plunger and the country of mechanic provided to be identified better by the controls of
security, so much of the receipt and discursement of the Gym like of the grill and the other controls distribuídos for the town.
When traveling the interior of the Gym it was incredible how people of TO-4C he/she had devised them to him to make in wood tables of light and all type of improvements that one can imagine for their comfort. Although to the 19:30 Hs. he/she intersects the light, each one had a generation source: a lantern, a streetlight or some candles, lighting so much to play to the letters, to read some magazine or book or to write some letter, but he/she was necessary to give execution to the dimness, for that reason they were perfectly sealed the windows to prevent that the light is seen from the exterior.
To the exit the safe-deposit retén gave us the countersign that consisted on a password to be able to enter again, ésto it was very strict.
We conformed an approximate group of 15 people, some with armament, gun or machine gun Alcón. The itinerary toward the grill carries out it guiding us with a small lantern, we had to go by a position of control of the Army, they advised me to go speaking permanently since it was as a safe-conduct, since to listen the Castilian language gave tranquility to those that controlled. They illuminated us with a potent reflector, turning off it when identifying us, I could understand this way the why of the gear, the one of going in group and always conversing.
Some of my partners stayed in a bar where there was a billiards, to play some record or to take some drink; as they counted me, several they were assiduous concurrent, the same as to the other place of called entertainment The Cricket, very special place with small... very hard-working...

Those that we are have dinner the inamovible daily menu, returning then to the Gym. Before going to bed, although very tired, I write that happened during this long day...
These two days they lapsed without activity, what helped to enrich the companionship among the partners. The inclemencies of the time didn't allow air operation some, recreational activities were developed, reading, notarizes, games of letters or reacondicionamiento or construction of refuges to combat the cold and the reining humidity; in each carp an or more radios that maintained us existed aware of the events in general of this war.
Also in the Islands the time was bad, but the calm that was generated was not taken advantage of to intensify the search of a diplomatic exit, nobody wanted to open the way to the side. According to my own summations, they will approach very difficult days where the war will be intensified...
Something also happened very curious, since in the vicinities of Tip Arenas, Island San Pedro (Chile) a helicopter British destruído appeared it is KING (ZA-290), perhaps soon after an accident, but it was suspected that they had made it its tripulantes who would be a body command with the mission of attacking the Bases in the south of the Argentina. For such a reason the security of the same ones was reinforced and you began to patrol and to also rake in the continent.
A comrade woke up me with a strong sacudón, they were the 04:30 Hs., quickly I incorporated and I got dressed (vest and coat pant, blued plunger and the country of mechanic, two couples of stockings comunes and on these a wool couple, lastly the borseguíes. Truly it is very uncomfortable to walk with so much clothes, but it is the only way to be protected of the cold).
Then fuí to the lavatories: there I understood what Tomás had explained to me, they were formed lines after each pileta to wash our face and to comb us, he got lost a lot of time. Concluded this odyssey goes to the micro that would transfer us to have breakfast, this itinerary it was very dangerous, the speed was "to since man's" step practically the dimness it was total and it was only admitted to circulate with the lit position lights (this order was executed strictly, since the road was skirting the bay and since he/she was discovered the English helicopter, the same as the rubber crafts, it was feared that some command attacked). I felt something of fear.
Once arrived to the Grill, they served us the consistent breakfast in a cup of cooked maté and some masses Creoles with shortening and sweet, we had to have breakfast quickly since we should be in the Base to the 05:45 Hs. In the itinerary we were going by several positions of surveillance, after identifying us they allowed us to continue until the next one.

When arriving to the Base the first ones in lowering the gunsmiths and mechanics that corresponded to the head of the identified hint as 25, were then we went to the other end, to the one denominated 07, These heads were formed by aluminum irons (which are used in the base Antarctica for soft lands), being a little inconveniences then they possessed a very marked inclination, the airplanes placed there should be very wearing shoes to avoid the displacement of the mismos.y lastly to the flight platform where we lower the rest. This micro returned to the Gym to transfer to the second contingent.
To the sides of the platform two big carps existed, an era the one that completed the function of deposit of reserves and tools and era the maintenance personnel's refuge that he/she assisted the platform airplanes; the other era of the gunsmiths, their refuge and where they had their supporting suitcases with those that testeaban the circuits of armament of the airships, also armed there the fuses for the bombs, they had a van to move with their tools and materials to the places where they were the airplanes.
I went to the Court of Situation, they were already the biggest José AT Rodeyro and the 1er.Lieutenant Posed Guillermo, they communicated me that this day we would surely have a lot of activity, since the informations that arrived from the Islands highlighted that it was great concentration of English ships and seemingly they would try to disembark troops. We begin with the coordination tasks between the heads 25 and 07 and the platform, the airplanes were practically already clever, it only lacked to confirm with what armament type they would be configured.
They were the 07:00 Hs., the Vcom arrived. Llabrés and the Suboficiales of TO-4C, they already had the order of enlisting their airplanes, it was foreseen an exit for the 10:00 Hs.
I called to Operations, the Vcom assisted me. Quiroga that told me that we should configure two Squadrons of airplanes with 2 bombs BRP of 250 Kgs. with fuse of braked line, it castrates electric in the Stations 3 and 5, the chassis complete canyons with 250 projectiles trazantes, perforantes and explosive and three supplementary tanks of 1300 Lts. each one in the Stations 2, 4 and 6. The airships should be clever for the 08:30 Hs.
It is indescribable the excitement and anxiety that he/she loosened in me this order. The biggest Rodeyro and the 1er.Have. Inns went individually to each head, I contacted their Taken charge - bigger Suboficial Alvarez the 25 and Auxiliary Suboficial Pizarro the 07 - that the necessary coordinations began to execute that ordered.
Presurosamente went the gunsmiths to configure the airplanes, people of terrestrial support that was displaced in the platform went with a tractor Harlan to each one of the heads, taking the compressed air tubes for the setting in march of the airplanes. With relationship to the Tubes of Outburst, these they are cylinders in which air is loaded to very high pressure that then is injected through a hose it metalizes flexible, to the system of outburst of the airplane motor that is of compressed air, many times it was difficult the outburst of the airplanes for problem of freezing of the system of launching of the tubes (operation of opening of the valve). One of the stocks to prevent the freezing was to place the tubes inside a carp and a tractor harlan in march with their exhaust pipe aiming the interior of the same one, with this "inventive" Creole you is able partly to avoid the freezing of the same ones.
The specialists were met to carry out all the previous inspections to the flight. I contacted the plant of fuel so that he/she sent to each head a supplying one to load the airships.
It began to dawn, the time was cold and foggy, but according to the Meteorological Service, he/she would go improving gradually. In the Island it was perfectly operable for the air activity.
To the 08:30 Hs. they began to call the In charge of the heads informing the first clever airplanes. To the 09:15 Hs. all enlisted were already. When I informed it to Operations they gave me a fragmentary order (synthetic message with type and quantity of airplanes and armament, mission type to carry out. Example: intercepción or bombing, etc.) of the FASS: the airplanes owed decolar to the 09:50 Hs.
Quickly I informed it to the biggest Rodeyro that ordered me to go to the Court of Pilots to upgrade the state of the airplanes. The biggest Sapolski and the Captain received me Dimeglio who were dresses with the suits antiexposición that are rubber or neopreme of color orange, had them placed the whole day in spite of being them uncomfortable, but they should get used because if for some reason they had that eyectarse, these suits would allow them to be at least 30 minutes in the water without dying frozen (without them the time of sobrevida was 3 minutes). The other pilots were seated around a long table in which was a scale model of the Islands Malvinas where several indications and marcaciones could be observed made by people of Operations showing where they were distribuídas the defense forces. The pizarrón was to a side where I should upgrade the situation of the airplanes and the pilots collaborated with me. They gave me the formation of the Squadrons and I said goodbye wishing them a lot of luck.
I passed this information in urgent form to Operations, and they confirmed me that the pilots already left toward the airplanes, for the HT I alerted to the heads, they were the 09:40 Hs.
I began to listen the noise of the on motors in march that was accentuated when placing the post-combustion to the maximum to devour meter to meter the 2400 of extension of the hint, the airplane he/she crawled when costing him a lot to get up I fly since for their configuration it was to the limit of the weight for the longitude of the hint.
The gunsmiths were to a side of the hint, mechanics, specialists and soldiers greeting the pilots fervently, with emotion and exclamations of encouragement to the scream of Alive the Homeland!
They left this way the airplanes. Of the first Squadron they only left two, the third could not make it for flaw in the setting in march. Of the second Squadron they left the three. This is the detail:
1ra.Squadron 2da.Squadron
C-404 Capt. Dimeglio C-412 Capt. Díaz
C-407 you Have. Castillo C-415 you Have. Aguirre Faguet
C-434 Capt. Dellepiane
These data transmitted them to Operations.
The deafening noises were no longer listened of thundering of the motors neither the farewell screams: the noises became a tense wait silence and the screams in prayers to God. Although we knew that they would take in returning at least two hours, the anguish grew.
They arrived to the Court of Situation the Adult and the 1er.Lieutenant, they commented that everything had come out well except for the airplane that had been in earth to which as much motorists as electricians were trying to solve him the novelties. They moved to the Tower of Control of Flight to wait news of the Squadrons. In turn I waited anxious their call. They almost lapsed 95 minutes when the biggest Rodeyro called with excited voice saying that the first Squadron already returned. To the few minutes he/she called to warn again that they also had contact with the second Squadron and that they already returned. I didn't tolerate more and I requested him authorization go to wait for them to the flight platform.
When running the voice of being next the arrival of the airplanes, all the looks went to the bottom of the head 25 to observe that to great height you could sight a... two... a little farther the third... the fourth... and a fifth very small light, these lights were those of the nose train that for directive safe-deposit, all time that an airplane approaches for its landing, he/she had to light it (this was a sign to know if the airplane was our or of the enemy), the order one had to complete as much in the continent as in the Islands.
Thanks to God they were already of return, they at great speed came closer, he/she already played the hint the first one leaving a white smoke, it threw the parachute of having braked, when losing speed it lowered the nose, it loosed the parachute and he/she went to the flight platform, one to one landed in an identical way. They accommodated their airplanes in parallel form, they stopped the motors and the tremendous one was silenced to roar of the same ones, but all those that we were to their surroundings we explode in screams of happiness when seeing the thumb on high of the pilots. One to one was opening the dome of the booth, we wanted to hug them, to give them our affection, with great emotion hugged to the Capt. Dimeglio "Joker" and he/she told me: We gave "him, I mate..."
They went to the Court of their partners' surrounded Pilots to celebrate the lived moments.
The personnel of mechanics, gunsmiths and specialists were devoted with great enthusiasm to recover these airplanes, because several they had significant novelties:
C-434: I impact in entered cone from air to the motor, he/she also had problems in launching of bombs.
C-412: Antenna break VHF for impact of a projectile, also had problems with the launching of bombs.
C-404: Obstacle of left canyon, when being unhooked a link of the band of the cartridges.
The rest of the airplanes without novelty. The armament problems really took us of surprise, because if something was verified an and a thousand times, era exactly that system. They were carried out all the pertinent confirmations and the airplanes were again in service, except for the C-434 that would take a little more than since time he/she had that reparársele their structure.
The biggest Rodeyro dió the order of suspending the lunch because they should enroll the airplanes for a next mission, we would only eat some sandwiches whose in charge of obtaining them it was the S.P. (R)Eduardo Plains. This Suboficial, in spite of being retired, when being declared the war was presented spontaneously and it asked to be deployed with the maintenance personnel; he/she assisted us to all as if is their children, if somebody could not abandon their position, he brought the food; many times it discussed with older Suboficiales and inclusive with Official, so that they gave us what we lacked. It was made this way want for all we, affectionately nickname it "Uncle", calling it confianzudamente "Uncle Plains."
They were the 13:00 Hs. when I called to Operations, and they indicated me to stay attentive since they would surely leave other two Squadrons, the configuration was identical to the previous one; from the heads they happened to me the clever airplanes:
Head 25: C-421, C-412, C-415.
Head 07: C-404, C-403, C-407.
These data transmitted them to Operations, then fuí to the Court of Pilots, I upgraded the slate, I took note of who they integrated the Squadrons, and while I observed the pilots to verify the sailing routes, good itineraries, initial and final directions, receipt and discursement corridors. I retired quietly since they needed a lot of tranquility.
I contacted Operations again giving them the formation of the Squadrons:
The first one: C-404 My. Piuma, C-403 Capt. Donadille and C-407 1er.Have. Senn.
The second: C-421 you Have. Román, C-412 My. Puga, C-415 1er.Have. Callejos.
To the 13:40 Hs. they warned me of Operations that the fragmentary order of exit of two Squadrons had arrived to the 14:00 Hs.; urgently retransmití to the heads this order, they were already alerted then the biggest Rodeyro and the 1er.Have.Inns had been ahead. He/she repeated the same scene lived with the departure of the tomorrow's Squadrons again, the first one came out to the 14:00 Hs., the second to the 14:05 Hs.
We look forward to the return, we take advantage those minutes to feed, to meet and to comment the events or to share some game or maté wheel. The biggest Rodeyro went at the Tower of Control and the 1er. Posed lieutenant took advantage to verify and to control the repair of the C-434.
To the 15:50 Hs., calculating that it would be already next the arrival, fuí to the platform to meet with my partners that waited anxious the arrival of the airplanes; to the 15:55 Hs. the lights of the trains of landing of the first Squadron could be observed, one to one was landing and they went to the platform, the happiness was present again, the recently arrived airplanes didn't have external load, neither bombs neither tanks; one could see that the windshield of the C-412 and C-415 they were fisurados for the splinters of enemy projectiles, but like they were shielded, the pilots didn't suffer damage some. In all ways this novelty left outside of service to the affected airships. The attack went to a target naval English.
We are waiting to the second Squadron, the whole personnel with their looks directed toward the Atlantic, looking for the luminous, hopeful points. They spent more than 15 minutes without
Novelties, we think that they could come delayed, it anguished us that the time continued lapsing relentlessly and the autonomy of the airplanes was only of two hours fifteen minutes.
Finally you the dió for missing, we are sad and with grief, he/she faded the happiness caused with the arrival of the previous Squadrons. We thought of the luck run by our comrades, we requested to God that you/they had been able to eyectarse and to save their lives, in the faces of my partners saw bitterness and sadness.
Fuí to the Court of Situation to try to find out what had happened to this Squadron; to the 15:45 Hs. the Commodore Maistegui informed us that it had been demolished for it is they Harrier throwing its powerful missiles AIM-91 Sidewinder. The luck was ignored run by our pilots.
With a lot of pain I was devoted to make the daily Message and Part of Guerra, the one that was quite extensive for the developed activity.
When writing that the C-403, C-404 and C-407 they didn't return of the mission, being given for missing in combat and the luck run by the pilots being ignored, I felt a very big bassoon, I imagined the moment in that our origin Unit received this Message, the sadness that would take place although it also confirmed them that the Argentinean aviation had caused serious damages to the English fleet (the destructive seriously damaged Antrim and a sunken frigate, this last one was attacked during the morning by the Squadron formed by the Capt. Dimeglio and the one Has. Castillo and then the A4-Q of the Armada finished with her).
It was darkening when the arrived C-419 that moved to Big River coming from I SAW it Air Brigade, spending the night in this Base.
To the 19:00 Hs. the biggest Rodeyro arrived who us dió a news anything burnisher, since the II Squadron Aeromóvil of Big River had also suffered the loss of two airplanes, neither the luck was known run by its pilots, era the C-409 (Captain Luna) and the C-428 (you Have. Bernarh).
This finished hitting our spirit, although they gave us another good news: the airplanes TO-4C and TO-4B they had damaged the frigates Argonaut and Brilliant, these informations were transmitted by the outstanding personnel of Intelligence as observers in the Islands.
Once transmitted the messages, I moved to the Gym in the van of the Air Squadron, thanks to God any since pilot didn't go he would not have known what to tell him. When entering to the Gym I could perceive the fallen enough spirits and affected by the loss suffered by our Squadron, and that that you/they didn't know that of Big River; non fuí to have dinner, only wanted to write a little and to go to bed as soon as possible that this day finishes soon.

I woke up startled with the rattle of machine guns and detonations of another type of weapons. The atmosphere inside the Gym high tension era, that that possessed armament clinged to the same one given The circumstances for the bombing danger or attack of commands and as the mechanics, for their specific tasks they are not provided of hand armament, it was provided to a certain quantity of machine guns Hawk, to some suboficiales and civil, being given a brief and syntactic instruction of since use most ignored like they were used. In my case non taenia any shot instruction then had not carried out the military service, but to the height of the events it was necessary to know how to defend and at the same time we tried to get dressed quickly. Lapsed the minutes these detonations were fading, we lean back dresses on our beds, it was still very early but nobody could reconcile the dream, we were with the nerves in tension.
Later we went to have breakfast to the grill and there we find out that it had been a false alarm: guard's positions that watch over the bay had sighted in the waters a craft that moved very slowly and they thought that it was some English command. For the scarce light (only that of the moon) they and they began to shoot; when throwing a position, the other ones also made it, until finally they verified that it was a boat of some fisherman of the town that he/she had left it not well tied, but to us fright flower that us dió...!
We arrive to the Base to the 06:30 Hs., the mechanics and gunsmiths began to enlist airplanes, the temperature was unbearable - among below zero 10/12 grades -, the surface of the floor was covered for an icy layer as of 2 centimeters of thickness, I felt compassion for my partners that had to develop their tasks to the bleakness while I was in an office, although many times he/she also played me to walk outdoors.
Although the pilot is who finally it attacks the enemy and it achieves the success, it is only possible thanks to all the comrades that put his grain of sand to achieve that the airplanes are clever in time and it forms, working with a lot of suffering and it anguishes, many times without resting and supporting the inclemencies of the time, but until the moment they were not mentioned by the national neither international press, the world admiration was only expressed toward our intrepid pilots.
It also exists a serious problem: soon after the carried out air missions we have been left without supplementary tanks of fuel, it is already coordinated with the Unit and with the Command of Material, the Overseas obtaining of the same ones.
It was ordered that the airplane C-419 it was in San Julián to increase the endowment. The Department Operations informed that the metereología was adverse, not glimpsing improves, and for this reason, besides the lack of tanks, missions were not foreseen for our System of Weapons.

To the 10:00 Hs. they arrived from Tandil four more airplanes, two to continue to Big River and the other ones two in substitution of those that we had with fissure of windshield that you/they would be remitted to I SAW it Air Brigade for their repair.
The mechanics and specialists were devoted to inspect and to verify the airplanes leaving them under conditions for next missions.
Especially the gunsmiths that control the operation of the Carry-bombs with an equipment of supporting suitcases that he/she simulates the explosion of the impeller cartridge of the mechanism ejector, another gunsmith make it proves them in the booth, armed of fuses and pressing the button of launching of bombs, while another checks in the supporting bank placed in the one it carries bombs, it checks that they light the supporting lights that indicate the correct operation of the system, in a same way he/she is proven the operation of the canyons.
In the afternoon they communicated us that the pilots of the first Squadron that we gave for missing yesterday, thanks to God eyectado was had and they were with life in the Islands Malvinas, they are: Captain Donadille, bigger Piuma and 1er.Lieutenant Senn.
We were ordered to a group to remain in the Base to receive the so desired supplementary tanks, the 1er was to position.Have. Inns. The tanks arrived in a Boeing, via Peru, although they were acquired Israel.
Through the radial news we knew that in the Islands Malvinas followed the landing of the British forces, also a patrol car of airplanes Harrier had attacked the Argentinean Coast Guard GC-82 I Laugh Iguazú, provoking him serious damages and dying a tripulante. In this attack a Harrier was damaged and another was demolished by the Argentinean artillery.
As the previous days we arrive to the very early Base. The specialists and mechanics enlisted the airplanes awaiting a fragmentary order.
To the 10:30 Hs. the airplanes arrived from Tandil C-430 and C-411, this last one when you landed it left hint when being blocked a wheel of the landing train, being buried in the muddy floor of the border; quickly the mechanics were met to the task of trying to take it out of that position so uncomfortable, but the airplane little by little was buried more and more, one had to dig and to place wood and foils to move it, throwing with a tractor. This airplane had an aspect very different to the other ones because it was in Inspection bigger Cycle when the war, the personnel of the Area of Material River was declared IV H-24 he/she had worked to finish it as soon as possible, but they could not paint it with the color and camouflage that it corresponded and it went out with green antióxido, we baptize him "the parrot."
To the 10:30 Hs. it arrived of the Dto. Operations a requirement for which you/they should enroll two Squadrons of three airplanes each one. To the 10:45 Hs. they were passed since as clever they were prepared from early. The configuration was as that of previous days: 2 bombs of 250 Kgs. with braked line and fuse line MU, canyons and of course with 3 tanks of 1.300 Lts. each airplane.

Quickly I passed the list to Operations and fuí to the Court of Pilots to upgrade the slate. The time was variable, very cold and humid, with perspectives of deteriorating gradually.
To the 12:00 Hs. they confirmed me that it would leave the first Squadron to the 12:30 Hs. and the second to the 12:45 Hs., I communicated it to the heads that were in charge of the S.M. Alvarez (the 25) and of the S.Aux. Pizarro (the 07), operative to 100% in spite of the inclemencies of the time and of the difficulty of developing the tasks under these conditions.
To the 12:25 Hs. the pilots went to the airplanes. The first Squadron was formed for: C-421 Capt. Dimeglio, C-420 you Have. Aguirre Faguet, C-434 1er.Have. Roman, would the same pilots that May 1º had attacked to the English fleet, have the same luck?... Decoló on time.
The second Squadron could not leave when arising technical inconveniences in two airplanes, it was not possible to start to one of them and the other one had loss of fuel for the ventral supplementary tank when being carried out the pressurization test, not being authorized to decolar to the remaining one.
In spite of the previous confirmation of the state in service of the airplanes, they happen accidental, like in this case that for the drops temperatures you affected vió the setting in march of the motors.
The maintenance personnel was devoted presurosamente to lift these novelties while the first Squadron went to the Islands Malvinas; we all requested for their luck, the wait was very bitter, the time didn't pass more, to our mind they returned the memories of the past 21, we made thousands of conjectures.
They were the 14:05 Hs. when he/she called the operator of the Tower of Flight saying with great emotion that had contact with the pilots, thanks to God the three they returned; the operator was happy or it suffered in advance us, because it was the first one in taking contact with the pilots and knowledge if all returned or if some comrade was forever in the battle field.
I warned to the heads, previous authorization of Operations, and fuí toward the flight platform to receive the pilots, they were the 14:25 Hs. and we could sight in the semi-covered sky the three lights that indicated "here we are...". We jumped of happiness, we hugged each other, What happiness, for heaven's sake!. This erased that happened the 21, they landed and they were received the personnel all told before with the emotion expressed, the pilots counted the lived experience, they had entered to the Bay San Carlos where there was a hell of missiles to the time that you/they alerted them on an intense activity of airplanes Harrier that forced them to return.

He/she was proven that one of the airplanes arrived with an armed bomb, he/she had intersected the wire that served as insurance allowing the armed of the fuse; the armament Inspector, S.Aux. Quiroga and the C.P. Díaz began with the unarmed of the fuse, the whole personnel retired to put on since to covered it was very dangerous, one ran the risk that it exploded and if it happened we flew this way all, being increased since with the proximity of the other airplanes the deposit of bombs was to the side of the platform. They disabled it with great professionalism and the silence was broken with our screams of happiness.
Little lasted this racket when finding out, for the story of our pilots that a Squadron Dagger of Big River had been attacked by a PAC (it Patrols Air of Combat) Englishwoman being demolished the C-437 for a missile Sidewinder rushed for an I/you/he/she is Harrier. Their pilot, the you Have. Volponi, didn't achieve eyectarse and the airplane smashed against the floor of Malvinas, being another of our heroes there. The you Have. Volponi was son of a remembered corridor of Three Streams that competed in the time of the old cupecitas of T.C.
To the 16:00 Hs. four airplanes arrived from Tandil: the C-414 and the C-417 that should get ready quickly to leave toward Big River and the C-410 and C-416 that would be here in San Julián.
Tomorrow the pilots will transfer the airplanes C-412 and C-415 that have their windshield damaged by splinters of English projectiles; this speaks to the white of the danger run by them and the miracle of being had bran.
To the 18:00 Hs. a Hercules arrived C-130 with his replete cellar: he/she brought seven tanks of 1300 Lts. supplementary with their respective ones it carries tanks (these were expected eagerly since they were indispensable to be able to complete the orderly missions, the airplanes almost always returned since without them they were eyectados to facilitate the flight or escape during the attacks or intercepción. To the eyectar the tanks, the airplane wins the aeronautical profile and it can develop this way bigger maneuverability and speed).
The airplanes C-432 and C-411 they were clever. To the first one whose setting in march had failed, he/she was repaired the motor but it owed realizársele a trial flight and a second (the "parrot") he/she was repaired the control system that should be chequeado and also efectuársele a trial flight to verify the perfect operation of the landing train. These trial flights would be carried out if the time allowed it.
To make the Message of daily state of the air material and Guerra's Part was today an arduous task, I finished enough afternoon.
When returning to the Gym I noticed that the spirit of the rest of the personnel, the same as mine, was not of the best thing because it saddened us the news of the Lieutenant's death Volponi that was very dear. Something to highlight is the masificación of the feelings and the excellent relationship that we have, we share everything, as much the material thing as the emotional thing, I never believed possible to achieve this unit in such a big group.

After having dinner I wrote a letter to my family counting them a little what we live here, I told them that we felt that we were triumphing that would win and mainly that we would not defraud them...
The same as the other days we get up and we went to the Base; when arriving we notice activity on the airplanes, as much in the heads as in the platform: they were changing color the fringes painted in the planes, previously they were yellow, but the Englishmen had already painted fringes of identical color in it is they Harrier. By means of these fringes the terrestrial troops of Malvinas could recognize the own airplanes, but they were effective until the enemies copied them. The order was to paint them green color. The 1er.Posed lieutenant with a group of comrades worked the whole night, they were already accustomed to not sleeping, it was not neither it would be the first time.
To the 07:30 Hs. they ordered us to enlist the airplanes with similar configuration to the previous days, I passed them "clever" to the 08:00 Hs., but of Operations they informed me that we should change the fuses urgently since for the "Mu of Line" it would surely leave a Squadron.
The gunsmiths, with the help of the mechanics and specialist, they carried out the task in time record, but stop surprise of all they ordered us to return to the previous configuration, with fuses Kappa III, it was of not believing, Poor boys! they would think the worst in us, but it was not our blame but of those that planned the missions, for heaven's sake! When they would come to an agreement...!
To the 09:30 Hs. they confirmed us that they would leave two Squadrons: one to the 10:15 Hs. and the other one to the 10:30 Hs. I passed the clever airplanes to the Department Operations and then I went to the Court of Pilots to upgrade the slate. The Squadrons were formed in the following way:
Head 25 C-419 you Have. Castillo, C-430 Capt. Díaz,
C-410 My. Puga
Head 07 C-420 1er.Have. Musso, C-421 1er.Have. Callejo,
C-434 Capt. Dellepiane
The pilots arrived to the airplanes to the 10:05 Hs., the first Squadron that owed decolar to the 10:15 Hs., for delay in the setting in march of one of their airplanes, it didn't leave according to that foreseen, leaving the second Squadron first to the 10:30 Hs. and the other one to the 10:35 Hs.

We say goodbye to them with great racket, the deafening noise of the motors covered our screams; the decolaje was made with the admitted maximum weight for the operation of these airships, impressive era, seemed that they would never lift flight, they should apply the post combustion (maximum régime of power of the motor) to be able to take off, the application of the PC had to be very measured the consumption of fuel then it is of approximately 200 Lts. of JP1 for minute and the decolaje takes approximately 2 minutes, subtracting him those liters of fuel so appreciated.
While we awaited the return, we meet in the carps to play to the letters or to take something hot, others formed a wheel of conversations exchanging opinions about this war. But it should be continued with the recovery of airships, so they enrolled, and taking advantage of the good existent time, to the 11:00 Hs. decolaron the C-411 and the C-432 to carry out the trial flights. They returned to the 11:30 Hs. without novelty, being in service; the mechanics placed them the supplementary tanks and they were already prepared for if they were necessary for another mission.
It lapsed this way the time of wait, my partners elevated their looks to the sky in search of the lights of the airplanes, I saw them through the window and it imagined that their chats would rotate around the luck of the Squadrons.
They were the 13:10 Hs. when we saw in the sky the three luminous points that seemed to tell us "here we are, we return...". The three landed without novelty, in the platform they were received with happiness, you could appreciate that the airplane C-434 he/she had fisurado their windshield for splinter impact or enemy projectile, the C-420 he/she had an impact in one of the supplementary tanks and the other airplane, the C-421, he/she returned with a bomb that was not discharged by some reason, thanks to God this time their fuse, the wire insurance he/she didn't arm it was intact.
This Squadron attacked to the English fleet, when penetrating in the strait San Carlos they were received by an intense attack of antiaircraft artillery and missiles, but equally 21 attacked against a Frigate type, damaging it. They also told us that the second Squadron had been intercepted for it is they Harrier, ignoring its situation. We feel great uncertainty for the luck run by them, the minutes passed and one didn't have novelties, it seemed the same movie of the past 21. They didn't return, being given for missing in combat the airplanes C-410, C-419 and C-430 and the pilots My. Puga, Capt. Díaz and Have. Castillo. We requested to God that the pilots you has eyectado and meets with life.
It invaded us the grief and sadness for these losses. When carrying out the Messages and Part of Guerra looked like each other that he/she was repeating the same thing that the day 21, everything was a tracing, with the difference of the registrations and the pilots' last names.
The psychic state of a group you can appreciate in certain attitudes, one of them is the appetite lack, today almost nobody he/she went to have dinner...

Today the First Native Government's 172 Anniversary, our activity is celebrated he/she went similar to that of previous days, the time was very bad, they were carried out maintenance tasks and when the climate allowed it, it left the C-434 heading for the city of Tandil for the repair of its parabrisa.
It was ordered to carry out a formation in the flight platform, since a Square of Weapons didn't exist. The Commodore Maiztegui referred to this native date and the events that we were living, requesting also to God for the protection of our heroes.
Our Squadron didn't carry out any mission, but it stops happiness of all, those TO-4B they attacked the English fleet sinking the destructive HMS "Coventry" of 16.000 Tn. This destroyer belonged to a line of ships of last generation of the Royal Navy, it was only enough a bomb of 500 Kg. to send it to it itches.
As if that related outside little, two Squadrons of Hunt and Attack of the Marina that operated from Big River, attacked Super to the English fleet with two airplanes armed Etendard each one with a missile Exocet. In this attack a missile impacted in the Carry-container Atlantic Conveyor sinking it besides causing him several human losses; it transported 12 Helicopters Wessex, 3 Chinook, a great warlike load, machines dedicated to the construction of landing hints, capable vehicles for all land, apparatuses of communications and markers lacéricos of objectives, etc. The other missile seemingly got lost in the sea.
Other Squadrons of airplanes TO-4C and B damaged a Frigate of the type 22 Broadsword, causing him big damages, this another great blow went to the British fleet.
We also find out that airplanes TO-4B they detected a ship and when they prepared to attack it they decided not to open fire when observing a great red cross totally in the structure of this colored ship of white; it was the Ship Hospital Uganda and our to proceed demonstrates to the white that the Argentineans have another type of feelings, because we remember the attack cowardly perpetrated by the aviation and the pirate fleet to our General Cruise Belgrano and other fishing ships.
Today, as every day, to the awakening they came to mind a thousand questions without answer, he/she stops then to get up and to continue with the routine.
The airplanes had been clever from yesterday because he/she was not carried out any mission, the order for today it was to configure them with 2 bombs of 250 Kg. BRP with line braked fuse Kappa III and 3 tanks of 1300 Lts. each one, what was completed being enlisted the 09:00 Hs. But to the 10:00 Hs. they ordered us to change the configuration and to enlist three airplanes for the 11:30 Hs.; each airship should be configured with six bombs of 250 Kg. with fuse SSQ in the head of the bomb and with fuse line Mu in the later part of the same one, placed in the Stations 3, 4 and 5, and three tanks of 1300 Lts. in the Stations 2 and 6. The time to carry out this configuration change was scarce, since the fuel of the ventral tank should be smuggled, to lower it, later to take out the bombs that were placed, to arm bombs with normal line, to place the portabombas Nafgan that go instead of the ventral tank, to place the six bombs, weapons the fuses and to check the perfect operation of the whole group.
The task was made in time record: for the 11:15 Hs. all clever one was. When informing to Operations, they ordered us to stay attentive because every fifteen minutes they would upgrade us the hour of decolaje; nobody go to eat lunch, so the S.P. (R) Plains, with two soldiers, went to the grill to bring us something of eating.
To the 13:00 Hs. they confirmed us that a fragmentary order that he/she said had arrived that they should leave two airplanes to the 13:30 Hs., it was necessary to warn to the head 25 because there they were the four enlisted airplanes.
To the 13:15 Hs. the pilots arrived to the locus in quo the airplanes were, they carried out the previous inspection to the flight he/she stops then to settle inside their booths, verifying that everything was O.K. for the setting in march. They lifted their right hand and with the index finger up and with a sign rotating the same one gave the order so that the mechanic throws the compressed air tubes for the setting in march of the motor. The motors started with their deafening noise, they were increased the RPM for the test of controls and trasvase confirmation and estanqueidad of the tanks of fuel and, as everything it worked perfectly, the mechanic with their lifted thumbs indicated it to the pilots; they loosed controls and to the 13:30 Hs. they placed post-combustion and they left greeted by all us.
They were the Captain Dimeglio (C-420) and the Lieutenant Aguirre Faguet (C-416). It was the first time that was not forming the famous trio, because it lacked the 1er. Have. Román, they gathered companionship, anger, excellent pilots' gifts and the great luck that it accompanied them. Personally when it left this trio he/she had a safe-deposit sensation as for their return, and although today one lacked, it felt the same thing.
He/she went this way like to the 15:30 Hs. the lights of their landing lighthouses shone, they seemed to send a message: "here we are alive, comrades, fulfilled" mission. They landed and we receive them with happiness and affection, they had attacked English positions in the Islands Malvinas, throwing all their bombs. With relationship to this topic, when the airplanes arrive the gunsmiths they go presurosamente under the fuselage to take out the wires that are hung of the portabombas, they are the fuse insurance and it is the trophy given to the pilot like testimony of their launching. The mission was a success, causing serious damages to the British landing troops.
In the middle of I celebrate of this mission, we were informed that of the three missing pilots the day 24 past, the biggest Puga and the Captain Díaz achieved eyectarse and they met with life, regrettably the Lieutenant Carlos Castillo its airplane, our era first dead pilot had died to the being destruído. The dear "Black", as all we called it, will it be forever in our memory, him dió their life for the Malvinas like so many other, will it be worthwhile this delivery? the time and God will only say it.

To the 18:00 Hs. a Guarani arrived G-II with a very valuable "load" for our Squadron: the biggest Piuma with many lesions, especially in one of their eyes, the Captain Donadille with difficulties to walk, the Captain Díaz with a plastered arm and injure in the spine, the 1er.Lieutenant Luna also with a plastered arm and with the right ankle and the broken shoulder and the 1er.Lieutenant Senn that seemingly was under better conditions. We receive them with a lot of affection, all they had been demolished in combat and until today we didn't know which their luck had been. God had listened our requests for them. To recover them was very valuable to lift the spirit of the other pilots and that of the whole personnel, since of the six demolished pilots of the II Squadron Aeromóvil of San Julián, only one had died.
Guerra's Part was very special, they mixed the feelings of happiness and sadness when writing about the recovery of the five pilots and the confirmation of the Lieutenant's Castillo death. How difficult it is to understand a war!
Today I received a post with my relatives' letters, encouraging us and sending me groceries (alfajores, chocolates, salamines, etc.). I recognize that to read the letters causes me it anguishes and that I generally repress my tears, but today when I opened my lady's letter and I found my daughter's picture Romina and a cassette with their vocecita, it finished my courage and I cried, the stranger very much. However I am conciente that if I am here it is because my country needs me and I am proud of being part of this page of the history.
Today was one of the few days that remained sleeping more time, since the temperature it was low minimum and cloudbursts and strong blasts of wind that impeded the air operations took place. Except for some few ones that had to go to the Base to guard the airplanes and to carry out some task that was pending, those that we stay we take advantage to rest.
Then we went almost all to Entel to call to our relatives, I wanted to communicate especially with my mother since today it is their birthday; the calls charge them cash and to a value of 50% of the real one, but equally it is expensive because daily we receive 4 million Pesos viático Law. To make a comparison: to leave to eat to a small restaurant that exists in the town, which calls you The Chili, costs for person 6,5 millions; as it is of supposing we live in a total austerity and we restrict to the maximum the expenses, to carry out a telephone call we have to join two days of viático, we all understand this since situation perfectly it is necessary a lot of money to buy provisions and armament.
We also take advantage this day to wash some clothes, inside the Gym some improvised tendederos was placed, they seemed spider's webs for the quantity of ropes.
After go to eat lunch, as the time it continued horrible with rains and strong blasts, some sleep a beautiful nap, others played to the letters. Since we were accustomed to sleep few daily hours that were not superior at 5/6, at about the 16:30 Hs. we carry out a soccer game, we ran all the beds leaving free dad's court that is marked. The encounter was among Dagger and TO-4C, the same one should be suspended quickly by the violence of the game, it seemed that we all wanted to discharge our edginess and cumulative tensions against the other one, of both sides it passed the same thing, it was a pity, but it happened.
To the 19:30 Hs. I moved to the Base to take out Guerra's Daily Part and state of the air material, it was very short since there was not activity. According to people of the Court of Metereología tomorrow it will improve the climate.
We went to have dinner to the Municipal Grill the great menu that was not another thing that the habitual locro, and then, before sleeping, I upgraded my daily writings...
He/she was really right metereología people, since the time improved. We wake up to the 06:00 Hs. and we leave to have breakfast it stops then the 06:45 Hs. to arrive to the Base, each one goes to our respective places of tasks, you could perceive the change of spirit, the jokes and stories appeared, as some loaded one in the itinerary in micro, change that was product of the appearance of the pilots, what made us recover the good humor, all worked with a lot of anxiety.
We were ordered to enlist for the 10:30 Hs. four airplanes, each one with the following configuration: three tanks of 1300 Lts. and two bombs of 250 Kg. BRP fuse Kappa III AND; he/she also prepared to prepare eight bombs of 250 Kg. BR with SSQ with line Mu for if an order of configuration change existed at the last moment, let us remember that the airplanes were configured after the mission of the past 26, with two tanks of 1300 Lts. and the portabombas Nafgan, had to descend the same ones, to place the it carries ventral tanks and to mount them, besides placing the it carries bombs, everything was I list on time, but they informed us that in spite of the good time that existed in the continent in the Island it was low minimum for the air operations.
To the 13:00 Hs. they arrived from Tandil two airplanes: the C-412 with a novelty of VHF and the C-415 that would spend the night here and tomorrow it would leave to Big River. These airplanes had suffered the break of their windshield in the realized mission the past May 21.
It lapsed this way the day, without being developed any mission, it seemed that God didn't want that our airplanes combatted, if it was not here it was there mala the situation metereológica.
The beginning of the day didn't vary in anything, each one dedicated to its tasks, me communicating with the Department Operations to discover if they had something foreseen for our System of Weapons.
The first order was to enlist three airplanes for the 10:30 Hs. with configuration three tanks of 1300 Lts. and two bombs of 250 Kg BR with fuse SSQ and Mu of Line, besides complete load of ammunition in the canyons Deffa of 30 mm. The airplanes were clever for the 09:30 Hs. I passed the fact to Operations and then fuí to the Court of Pilots to upgrade the slate, there indicated me that the next mission would be carried out by the famous Squadron formed by the Captain Dimeglio, the 1er.Have. Román and the Lieutenant Aguirre Faguet to who he/she had taken him a very special affection for the excellent treatment that you/they toasted and their bias to the dialogue.
To the 10:00 Hs. they confirmed us that they would leave to the 10:30 Hs., the pilots went arriving to their airplanes and once carried out the previous inspection to the flight, they approached the airships, they maintained with the mechanics their dialogue by means of signs, one to one started the airship and to the 10:25 Hs. the three went toward the hint head:
C-416: Have. Aguirre Faguet, C-420: Capt. Dimeglio and C-421: 1er.Have. Román.
The Lieutenant's airplane Aguirre Faguet presented a flaw in the system of booth oxygen, not being able to leave, the other two decolaron without novelty bound for the Islands Malvinas. To the 20 minutes of their departure they informed me of Operations that had been ordered to return and that it warned to the hint head so that the mechanics were attentive to their return.
After receiving them, immediately you began with their recovery and enlistment for a next mission. This was miscarried by the great quantity of PAC of airplanes it is Harrier that were in the air space of Malvinas.
To the 12:00 Hs. decoló bound for Big River the C-415; to the 12:40 Hs. I received the order of Operations from enlisting five airplanes for the 13:30 Hs. with the same configuration that the orderly mission a morning: he/she was necessary to prepare everything in less than one hour, what was a challenge, could not move to eat lunch. Again the uncle Plains with the soldiers was devoted to get food and to distribute it among all, nobody was without eating, the S.P. Plains are our Angel of the Guard.
To the 13:25 Hs. the airplanes were already clever. When I passed the information to Operations, they expressed me all told their admiration the personnel that demonstrated their professionalism and dedication without piecework to the maintenance tasks, the good operation of the group that allowed highlighting that it was never deferred or annuls some mission for material lack or it delays in its enlistment. Then I went to the Court of Pilots to upgrade the slate, and they gave me this formation:
C-412 you Have. Aguirre Faguet, C-434 1er.Have. Román, C-416 Capt. Dimeglio, C-420 you Have. Callejos and C-421 Capt. Dellepiane.
As it is of appreciating, the trio comes out again and how many missions they already take together!... To the 13:30 Hs. the pilots arrived to their respective airships, with this distribution: the C-416, C-420 and C-421 in the head 25 and in the head 07 the C-432 and C-412. One to one started he/she stops then to go to the head 25 of where they would leave.
To the 13:46 Hs. decolaron with the deafening one to roar of their motors to Tie to full and with post-combustion, until he/she went attenuating when going away and to get lost of view. Starting from that moment we lived the distressing wait again, some take advantage of the time to recover calories, to write some lines or to listen radio to find out of how the rest of the world took this conflict.
To the 15:20 Hs. it sounded the campaign telephone, they were of the Tower of Control informing that an airplane Dagger came in emergency, at the same time I listened to sound the alarm of air accident, I warned to the flight platform so that they went with the car of quick intervention on the edge of the hint, this car has all the necessary elements to aid and to assist an airplane that has an accident in the hint.
Running with the biggest Rodeyro goes out to the platform with a portable radius to follow official statements with the heads and the respective Positions Command. The 1er. Have. Inns ascended to the vehicle of transfer of the car to supervise the tasks, an ambulance also converged with male nurses' body and doctor for if it was necessary its intervention, also the fire truck, all with the looks toward the highest in the sky.
Suddenly one dió the alarm voice: there they come! being able to sight four lucesitas, where was the fifth?. He/she came hereinafter, surely that era the one that was in emergency.
The four airplanes that preceded it landed without novelty, quickly they cleared the hint, the personnel was not overturned to receive them as previously they made it when arriving a mission, they remained to a side observing to the airplane that approached: it was the C-421 piloteado for the Capt. Dellepiane that balanced of a side to other, seemed that he/she won't be able to be centered on the axis of the hint and when it was already feared that he/she smashed against the floor, he/she reached to play the hint and to continue its crazy career, being able to observe in the inferior part of the airplane a crackling and small fire languages that it removed a supplementary tank that lolled stingy semi of the one carries tank when wearing away the building supply against the hint.
Thanks to God he/she extinguished the fire and the crackling when the airplane stopped in the other end of the hint. Another time God was on our behalf, it was only a great fright. What happened went that to the eyectar the auxiliary tanks to facilitate their escape, one of them was hooked by flaw in the ejection system, the instigator of the tank was begun that allows his expulsion (this system is worked by the pilot through an ejection button that liberates to the same one allowing that the tank is loose when working it, but in this case it was not this way).
This formation attacked to the English fleet in San Carlos' area, throwing its explosive loads on the same one, not being possible to check how white they had attacked, but yes it was tasted like certain science that you/they had thrown its bombs it has more than enough enemy ships.
The radial news indicated that the ship carries container Atlantic Conveyor he/she collapsed and in that way it disappeared of the surface to rest in the bottom of the sea with the marks left by the Argentinean airplanes.
Also, with great sadness he/she made us know the biggest Rodeyro that today the Squadron Dagger of Big River suffered another loss, the Lieutenant Juan Bernahart demolished by the British artillery of a ship, not being observed the pilot's ejection according to that informed by the remaining members of the Squadron, being given it by deceased in combat.

To the 16:00 Hs. it arrived from Tandil the C-401 with a novelty of hydraulic, quickly the maintenance personnel was met to his recovery and the 17:30 Hs. jointly with the C-415, they left heading for Big River.
It lapsed this way this day for our Squadron with a lot of luck, because all returned and God didn't allow him to happen an accident; but unfortunately it didn't happen this way in the other Squadron. How much more we will have to suffer, how much more this war will last! God will only know it, help us to that finishes soon, once and for all that we win or let us lose, but that it doesn't cause more victims this conflict!! How expensive... do our rulers and diplomats wait to stop all this? or will it be that they are so far that they don't have sensibility in the face of these human losses?
As every day we get up very early, we have breakfast and we move to the Base. When arriving to the Court of Situation people he/she was already of TO-4C, they were preparing the material listings and personal to transfer to the Base of Big River, yesterday they were during the whole afternoon and part of the night enlisting five airplanes that left to the 21:00 Hs. to participate of a very important mission.
Of the Department Operations they informed us that at the moment any mission was not foreseen for the Squadron Dagger. To the 10:00 Hs. it left a C-130 with the maintenance personnel and with material to support the operation of those TO-4C.
The activity was of relative calm, some that another verification task and confirmation, because the available airplanes were in service. We take turns in two groups to go to the Municipal Grill to eat lunch, then when returning many they were devoted to listen radio, to play to the letters or to write to some dear being, for my part was devoted to classify the documentation and to keep it in envelopes.
Later on I went to the Court of Pilots to talk with them, they are very kind in spite of the state of tension to that you/they are subjected, remember that in each mission they are played the life. Before my consultation he/she feels on what when a target naval enemy is sighted and this discharge all its artillery against them, they responded me that it was an indescribable sensation, they didn't also have time to think but rather they concentrated on the controls of the airplane, in programming the armament panel and he/she looks of shot, and of course, to request to God not to be reached, trying at the same time to penetrate in that hell, to discharge the ammunition of the canyons Defa and if it was possible, to arrive on the ship and to loose the bombs stops then to escape...
In each head we had three airplanes with the configuration it bases of all mission: three tanks of 1300 Lts., the portabombas placed awaiting holding the bombs of 250 Kg., these were armed without colocársele their fuses for caution and until such time you didn't confirm a mission and the definitive configuration.
Head 07: C-411, C-412 AND C-432
Head 25: C-416, C-420 AND C-421
The biggest Rodeyro ordered to start the airplanes to verify its operation, since when being to the bleakness in such a cold climate, on its structures he/she is formed a layer of very harmful ice that freezes all the hydraulic circuits and of fuel. For this reason he/she decided that daily he/she was carried out a setting in march to make work all the systems and this way to facilitate the maintenance.
To the 16:30 Hs. they arrived to the Court of Situation the Commodore Aguirre and the Vicecomodoro Llabrés that are the Bosses of the Personnel of Maintenance of TO-4C and they informed us that four of the five airplanes that last night went toward Big River participated jointly Super with two Etendard of the Marina, of a very important mission attacking to the English fleet. The objective, to which was caused serious damages, era the Invincible Portaaviones.
To the 17:15 Hs. the Commodore Maiztegui, Boss of the Base, summoned to a formation to communicate this news that was received with great happiness. But we also had uncertainty in the face of the luck run by two pilots of TO-4C demolished by the artillery of defense of the English fleet as they had informed us previously.
To the 19:30 Hs. it arrived from Big River a Lear Jet-35 that transported the two pilots that intervened in the attack to the Invincible one; in the same airplane, for happiness of our Squadron, the biggest Puga that was the pilot that it lacked of the five eyectados of the Squadron Dagger San Julián, when descending arrived he/she hugged with all us and he/she repeated us to alive voice: I am alive, siblings...!.
In another Lear Jet the Brigadier Frizzy and high Authorities of the Force arrived, he was carried out a press conference that I had the luck to witness, where the details of this mission so risky and fearless were described trying to attack the heart of the English fleet. It was said that the Marina's airplanes were two and only one of them took a missile Exocet AM-39 that made impact in the Portaaviones. Those TO-4C they had also discharged four bombs of 250 Kg. against the Portaaviones. In this mission the 1er were demolished.Have. José Vázquez and the one Has. Omar Castillo.
One lived a dramatic moment when the brother of the 1er.Have. Vázquez (Civil Personnel of FAA and deployed here) he/she found out their disappearance, it was terrible, they decided to send it from return to Mendoza, poor boy, how it suffered!. He is folder of the parachute of those TO-4C, every time that their brother left in a mission he took charge of cleaning him well the dome of the airplane and he helped him to get tied up.
The pilots that survived this attack are the 1er.Have. Ernesto Ureta and the Second lieutenant Gerardo Isak, recording with letters of gold their names in the record of our Air force. Likewise they passed to the immortality the 1er.Have. Vázquez and the one Has. Castle. The biggest Puga explained its odyssey to reach the coast of Malvinas, since after eyectarse after the impact of an enemy missile, he/she had fallen very far on the sea, remaining in the waters during approximately five hours, but thanks to God he/she could survive.

The Air force put all its means to try to attack the English fleet, it is incredible but certain that to an airplane Hercules C-130 - a mass cuatrimotor and highly of load transport - they had been placed two portabombas and, with an adapted aim of the Pucará, it attacked an oil tanker (probably the British Wye) leaving it outside of combat. The attack was realized to great height, because the configuration of this C-130 it required this way it.
Today we imagine our countrymen screaming Alive the Homeland! in all the domestic corners.
Although the Britons at once left to the crossing, so much for the radial means as television, informing that the Argentinean airplanes Super Etendard and the Skyhawk TO-4C they had attacked the fleet contained around the Invincible one, throwing a missile Exocet AM-39 but that the lures had allowed to deviate their trajectory being intact the Portaaviones.
We knew that it was a lie: the stories of the two pilots survivors confirmed it. The narration was harrowing, they detailed the details of the mission and also the form in that its partners fell, they had their swollen eyes of crying for the loss of their comrades how not to believe them!!
Taking advantage of the airplane that transferred the Frizzy Brigadier and the other Authorities, the Vicecomodoro returned to Tandil Sapolsky - for illness reasons - (in their substitution the Vicecomodoro arrived Villar) and the 1er.Have. Inns that it was from April 05, deserving a reencuentro with their relatives. The biggest Rodeyro was as only Official of Maintenance.
It concluded this way this day so glorious for our Air force and for the Nation Argentina.
It dawned raining copiously, so we could sleep until later, the time didn't improve in the whole day, we take advantage of this impasse to write and to accommodate our things.
After eating lunch fuí to the offices of Entel to call to my family. Of return in the Gym exchange magazines, newspapers and we meet to listen the radial news on the march of the conflict.
It was this way lapsing this day that was good to recover the lost dream a little in definitive, this circumstance of having so much time for one it was unusual, but welcome it is.
The same as yesterday, it dawned with intermittent rains, but at noon it began to improve, it stopped of raining and some solar rays perforated the nubosidad; we eat lunch in two shifts in the Grill, then we went to the Base to wait orders.
The Department Operations confirmed us that today, for metereología reasons, any mission was not foreseen; equally the biggest Rodeyro ordered to enlist the airplanes, he/she called to the pilots so that they started them and they carried out I cart to the goods of to detect some possible novelty and to solve it, practically they make three days that are not carried out missions with this System of Weapons.

To the 16:00 Hs. he/she enrolled an airplane with the central portabombas with a bomb of 500 Kg. mounted, because he/she would be carried out a confirmation flight.
To the 16:30 Hs. the Captain Dimeglio with the C-432 it made this rehearsal: to some 1000 meters of the Base he/she is a hillside, the bomb it was thrown against the same one, it was impressive, everything trembled and immediately a mushroom of smoke and fire rose toward the sky, when seeing the scene we thought of the Englishmen that received our bombs, or vice versa, our poor boys that were reached by the English bombs!
The rest of the day lapsed without missions, the impossibility of carrying out air operations facilitated the Britons to develop a great landing activity, they already had a beach head, its troops were able to descend in the Islands, the situation you dangerous tornaba because it could derive in an overturn in the stocks to its favor, our comrades deployed in the Islands requested that improves the conditions metereológicas so that our airplanes can attack to the fleet and the beach head.
The Commodore Aguirre informed us that a formation of airplanes is Harrier it demolished a Hercules savagely C-130 our, first they flew him a motor with a missile and they finished off him with some blasts of canyons until making it shatter against the sea, all their occupants perished.
After taking out the Messages and Daily Part of Guerra that were brief and synthetic in the last days, we went to the Gym.
Later, with a group of partners, fuí to have dinner to the small restaurant The Chili, we all choose the same food: complete Milanese with French fries (to this height ésto it was a dish, another that caviar!). For reasons economic few times we could give ourselves a pleasure. In this restaurant, in spite of being their owners of Chilean nationality, they assisted us of the best thing.
It follows the bad time and they cannot be carried out missions. The day it lapsed without any order of Operations, it began to be noticed a bassoon in the spirits, you could appreciate in our faces. The news that arrived were not anything pleasant, the British Forces that had disembarked in the Islands, attacked and they destroyed to four airplanes Pucará, causing some deads.
We all made conjectures and we wondered how they could stop working of the Englishmen, but they had the luck of their side because the bad time as much in the Islands as in the continent seemed to only harm the Argentineans.
While you could operate, our aviation them dió "flower of sauce", neither they came closer to the Islands. But regrettably they began to harass to our troops with the incessant gunfire of their ships, poor Argentinean boys that were there! How they hoped our airplanes arrived to attack to the fleet and to cause their estrangement!!. We had the sensation that for us the war had finished.
The time improved here in the continent, I didn't seize in the Islands. The Department Operations ordered us to calmly enlist the airplanes, each one configured with three tanks of 1300 Lts. and four bombs of 250 Kg., with fuse SSQ and Mu of as amended line, although it didn't exist foreseen schedule.
It lapsed this way another day without any mission, and they already go... He/she increased the grief and the uncertainty. The informations that arrive from the Islands are not anything encouraging.
We get up to the 06:00 Hs., we have breakfast and they transferred us to the Base. The Vicecomodoro Quiroga, of Operations, ordered to enlist the six airplanes with two tanks of 1300 Lts. and each one with four bombs of 250 Kg. BRP with fuse SSQ and Mu of as amended Line, because if it followed the time there would be this way some mission.
Quickly I warned to the heads the new configuration, let us remember that the airplanes had mounted three tanks, it was necessary to smuggle the central one, to lower it and in their place to put the central portabomba. This news believes that it was like an injection, helped us to lift the spirit and to motivate us again, our pilots would go in the comrades' that were in the Islands help.
To the 10:30 Hs. they were all the clever airplanes, when passing them to Operations they told me that the mission had like esteem horaria the 12:30 Hs., but that they would have us informed; the biggest Rodeyro sent to the S.P. Plains and to some soldiers to look for food for the whole since personnel nobody could move of the Base, another time this Suboficial took charge of "feeding.
They lapsed this way the hours and to the 14:00 Hs. they informed us that a fragmentary order had arrived: they would leave four airplanes. Quickly I went to the Court of Pilots to know who would participate in this mission.
The Vicecomodoro Villar me dió the list that was headed by him, (they was not to the Official Bosses admitted to integrate any mission, but disobeying this order was part of the same one. Who know this Official we could not wait another thing on their behalf, for their blood the sacred fire of a hunt pilot runs, also with this attitude of leadership, it offered trust to its subordinates), the Capt. Demierre, 1er.Have. Román, 1er.Have. Musso and the Capt.Dimeglio who would come out if it failed some airplane.
Head 25:
C-416 1er.Have. Román, C-420 Capt.Demierre, C-421 1er.Have. Musso
Head 07:
C-432 Vcom. Villar, C-412 standby the Capt.Dimeglio
To the 14:00 Hs. they were arriving the pilots to start the airplanes; the C-421 of the 1er.Have. Musso had an inconvenience in its system of controls: when giving maximum it develops, the airplane rotated on the left wheel, since to the right for some reason didn't brake. The Vcom. Villar ordered him not to participate in this mission, in its place he/she would make it the reservation, but Musso he/she requested him authorization to leave under these conditions. Authorized, the mechanics helped to locate the airplane on the center of the hint and, giving maximum develops and hooking post-combustion, it left.
This fact demonstrates the courage, professionalism and the form in that it felt the cause the 1er once again.Have. Musso. They were the 15:05 Hs. when they left toward the Islands, being us awaiting their return, another time that damned wait...
To the 16:40 Hs. they informed us that they already had radial contact with the pilots and that all returned. We leave to the platform to observe their arrival and not to get lost the greeting.
They were the 17:00 Hs. and in the sky the four lucesitas of the landing lighthouses was sighted, giving us their message: "Here we are, alive and safe!!". What racket, there they were!
They landed without novelty going later on to the flight platform, we surround the airplanes offering them a deafening reception, the pilots with their thumbs on high told us that everything had come out according to that planned, they attacked to the English troops on the Mount Ken, being a very successful mission.
Later on the congratulations of the High Controls of the Force arrived for the realized task and the high risk that she had represented.
Thanks to God losses didn't take place for the own forces, the Britons had several drops, so much human as materials (vehicles).
And it finishes this way another day of this cruel war.
Today it dawned with good time. To the 08:30 Hs. we were ordered of Operations to change the configuration of the airplanes, we should enlist four, one of them standby, to return to the configuration of three tanks of 1300 Lts., two bombs of 250 Kg. BRP fuse Kappa III and braked line.
The gunsmiths and mechanics had acquired agility to change the configuration, although they had the cradles of tanks and the cars steimboc to ascend and to lower bombs, they preferred to make it manually since it was quicker and, although it seems lie, also surer, because when moving the tanks in their cradle for the floor of completely frozen cement and the extremely soft floor for the rains, or they skated or they were begun, then among four they grabbed each tank and they went up it or they lowered.
To the 10:00 Hs. the airplanes were clever with this distribution:

Head 07 C-432 and C-420 (he/she Reserves)
Head 25 C-416 and C-421
When passing them to Operations, they told me that the exit was foreseen for the 12:30 Hs. I went to the Court of Pilots where the Vcom. Villar gave me the list of the interveners in this mission: C-432 1er.Have. Musso, C-421 Capt. Maffeis, C-416 Capt. Demierre and C-420 Capt. Dimeglio (he/she Reserves).
To the 12:00 Hs. they informed us of Operations that the mission was deferred until new warning; taking advantage of the situation the biggest Rodeyro sent us to eat lunch and it was a group of mechanics and specialists to goods of maintaining a watch just in case they ordered the exit of the airplanes.
We return to the 13:20 Hs., the mission would come out to the 14:30 Hs.; quickly I passed this novelty to the heads. Then fuí to the Court of Pilots, they were around the table sheathed in their suits antiexposición of neopreme color orange and green, with several deployed sailing letters, confirming direction, sailing altitude and possible penetration form until the English fleet. The Capt. Dimeglio confirmed me that he/she stayed the same appointment. When I left, to the 14:05 Hs., they took their headphones and they left heading for the van that would take them to the airplanes.
They carried out the previous inspection to the flight while the mechanics controlled that everything was under conditions, the same as the gunsmiths the explosive loads. They started them and to the 14:05 Hs. they left bound for Malvinas the three foreseen airplanes, the roar of the motors was heard with the hooked post-combustion.
We are waiting their return, many took refuge since in the carps the cold it was sharp (below zero 17 grades), me fuí to the Court of Situation where it was also very cold but at least it was bearable, I took advantage of those moments to write a letter to my family.
To the 16:15 Hs. the My telephoned me. Rodeyro from the Tower that one already had radial contact with the airplanes that it warned to the heads that all came and that once they landed they would go to the flight platform.
As always I left to see their arrival and to welcome them, the cold was unbearable, poor the boys that assisted the flights, they were those that more remained to the bleakness. They arrived without novelty, only they should throw the bombs to the sea since in their incursion they didn't find white naval English and to land with the bombs was very dangerous, the order was that if he/she was not some target, rushes the same ones to the sea.
Once emitted the respective Messages, up-to-date the documentation of the airplanes and made Guerra's Daily Part, fuí with the rest of the personnel to the Gym.
In the itinerary we came to an agreement with some boys and we descend in the Office of Entel to communicate with our family, I called to my wife that he/she received me with a surprise: my daughter Romina, with its vocesita, wondered if I was with the airplanes Malvineros, ésto moved me a lot, it seemed that she understood our cause, they were hardly its first words... My lady told me that I/you/he/she sent me a post with letters of the family, groceries and a cassette with words of Romina. The chat lasted few minutes, I asked him him to warn to my mother that was well and that it missed them a lot.
This day lapsed this way, with emotion since could listen my daughter after 20 days, something that I was happy and at the same time I was sad for not being able to be next to her.
It dawned with terrible winds and cloudbursts, for what we sleep a little more, like it is Sunday the metereología he/she bent to give us a rest. Then we take advantage to carry out living room games and to listen the last news - that were anything encouraging - on the situation in Malvinas: the Englishmen were harassing to Port Darwin with their ships that discharged their artillery on the Argentinean defenses, taking advantage of the bad time.
We went to eat lunch with the members of the Squadron TO-4C, it was the first time that we made it together all, the menu it was always the, a compound locro for potatoes, chickpeas, lamb meat and much spicy.
When concluding we left to the Gym, some took advantage to sleep the nap, others to continue with the games of letters, etc., I leaned back a while, but to the 16:00 Hs. they gathered us to give us a brief exhibition of how the situation of the conflict was.
The Vcom. Quiroga of the Department Operations explained that up to June 1º the scale of the stocks leaned back on our side, but after the English landing in the Islands ésto was reverted, it confirmed us that the situation spread to be increased more and more if the Argentinean aviation could not attack to the British fleet, (it was proven that when we attacked them the situation it favored us), it was only the hope that the time improves to be able to operate. This way dió had concluded their exhibition.
Then, with some few mechanics we go to the Base, I had to take out the Messages and Guerra's Daily Part, they carried out one traveled by the airplanes and the carps to the goods of assuring them, since the wind was very strong.
Once concluded these tasks, transferred us from turn to the Gym, non fuí to have dinner since didn't have appetite, I stayed listening the news, the national radios said that we dominated the war, what didn't agree with that exposed by the Vcom. Quiroga, but the Uruguayans gave a more realistic panorama of the events.
We get up early, to the 05:30 Hs. we have breakfast and to the 06:30 hs. we were in the Base, there was a lot of wind, causing a sprinkle of water snows.
The floor and also the structures of the airplanes, were covered for a "blanket" or white "layer" left by the freezes, this was very oily what caused that two partners were injured, one with arm fracture and the other one with clavicle fracture, the most exposed were the mechanics and gunsmiths that had to be gone up on the planes of the airplanes, it was in that opportunity when they slid and they fell heavily, causing them this lesions. This situation improved when it left the sun.
When contacting the Department Operations, they told me that probably our today System of Weapons didn't carry out any mission since the metereología in the Islands was very bad and the presage didn't give any possibility that it was reverted. He/she took advantage to carry out inspections to the airplanes and chequear their respective component systems.
To the 12:15 Hs. an airplane of transport arrived Fokker F-27 that brought reserves and anonymous people's posts, a Delegation presided over by the biggest Suboficial Prats also came, Inspector of Armament of the Command of Material who carried out a meticulous one traveled by the places where there were warlike elements.
Once concluded the control, notified the opposing novelties that were caused by the lack of protection of the material in its majority (chassis canyons, bombs, missiles, ambles and fuses) against the climatic factors of the region - humidity and powder - giving as solution to cover the armament with canvas carps or nylon.
The Commodore Aguirre told us that a Lear Jet was demolished by an English missile, pulling up the line to this airplane and dying its two pilots and the three tripulantes. For the particulars that us dió, had a horrible death, the poor concientes were since and transmitting for radio until smashing on the Island of Staff.
We went to eat lunch in two groups. When returning, the biggest Rodeyro told me that he/she went to the carp that completed the deposit function that was in charge of the End 1º Carranza who gave me a post that had arrived jointly with the reserves coming from Tandil.
With great difficulty I opened it, finding my relatives' letters, but I looked for eagerly something special, I left the letters it stops later, I took out salamines, chocolates and masses and finally, there it was, in a rinconcito, the treasure that me point waited, it was the box containing a cassette, there was a papelito that said "for vos dad, Romina", what happiness! I don't know how to describe it, so I hurried to request the Adult a tiny pasacassette that had he to be able to listen to it, facilitated it to me kindly, when putting it and to listen the voice of my small one, they were escaped some tears, the truth is that I tired everybody making them listen the recording.
Then, a little calmer, I began to read the letters, almost all, for not saying all, wanted that we win, especially my cousins who took charge of writing a verse on the Englishmen or "Mrs." Thatcher.
I will try to answer to all, saying them that we try to make the possible thing to win and that we put our biggest efforts because the whole country gives us its trust, so that ésto serves as union of the Argentineans for a fair cause, very fair to our to understand, since from boys we sing with our pride National Hymn and we stand up when we make it, now more than ever we have to be proud of being Argentinean, trying to elevate the Flag toward the highest in the sky and this way to be able to say that we made something for our homeland, demonstrating that our country is free and respected all over the world that our floor is more ours that never and nobody is entitled to usurp us neither a centimeter, many comrades are giving its life to defend it, we lowly also put our grain of sand to protect our Malvinas. We are very motivated in this war, we don't want to defraud to the thousands of children and young, as my cousins that request us in each letter that we triumph.
When finishing the activity and to arrive at the Gym, we join the allowances sent by our relatives and we all share until the last piece, demonstrating the great companionship that exists among us.
It lapsed this way another day without missions for our Squadron, but with the happiness of having received so many letters and especially the cassette with my dear daughter's voice.
As the time it was good, the activity began very early. When arriving to the Base we were ordered to enlist all the airplanes (they were six) configured with two tanks of 1300 Lts. each one and with the placed ambles but without mounted bombs, we wondered what mission type it would be this if the airplanes didn't take armament.
I communicated again with Operations to confirm this configuration, he/she had maybe understood bad, but it was not this way, they also ordered me that once they were clever the airplanes went to the Court of Pilots, he/she obtained the list of those that would participate and then it passed them these data.
To the 10:30 Hs. the airplanes were clever, fuí to upgrade the slate of the Court of Pilots, the Vcom. Villar wrote down the names of the members and I took advantage to ask him what mission type it was this without external armament.
Kindly he/she explained to me that it was a "mission of amusement" to make to leave the English airplanes and to allow that ours attacked their fleet. These last ones would go toward the combat area, making that the enemy radars the captures and they left to look for them the PAC (it Patrols Air of Combat composed by the terrible ones it is Harrier), while these were busy pursuing our Dagger, other Squadrons of TO-4C, TO-4B and Dagger of Big River would attack the fleet. It seemed the game of the cat and the mouse...
The formation was the following one:
C-411 Vcom. Villar, C-412 you Have. Valente, C-432 1er.Have. Callejos, C-416 Capt. Maffeis, C-420 1er.Have. Musso and C-421 1er.Have. Aguirre Faguet.
When I informed him these data to Operations, they said that the mission would come out to the 13:20 Hs. Another day that nobody go to eat lunch. Again the S.P. Plains and their soldiers took charge of feeding, how much we have to thank this gentleman that he/she makes for us!
To the 13:00 Hs. the pilots were toward their airships, and according to that foreseen, to the 13:20 Hs. they left receiving the greeting of all those that we are in the Base.

They had almost lapsed two hours from the departure without having news of them, we began to fear the worst thing because when taking a tank of fuel less, the flight autonomy was smaller.
But to the 15:10 Hs. the biggest Rodeyro informed us that they had landed in the Galician Base of River with several novelties that two people should enroll for specialty to be transferred to that Base to recover the airplanes. The transfer was made in a Lear Jet.
The Englishmen denominated this day "the blackest in the British" fleet, since they suffered the more serious damages and losses in so far in this war. The ships of assault transport Sir Tristan and Sir Galahad was attacked by those TO-4B, the first one was seriously damaged and the sunken second.
The Dagger of Big River charged and they damaged to the frigate type gravely Rothesay HMS Plymouth, the English landing was also attacked: many bombs that were at great speed thrown and to low height, when taking contact with the surface of the sea they carried out jumps on this and they were introduced in the thick of the landing in the coast, exploding and causing big damages to the material and human losses.
As it will be appreciated, today they were carried out operations áereas on the whole, the missions were very well planned and they gave their fruits. This way they were matched the stocks a little, because the Englishmen took us advantage, they had taken positions of vanguard in the Island, like in Green Goose, and they trafficked bound for Argentinean Port.
The situation is very committed for the Argentineans, since the pirates are winning key positions in the Islands. The own Forces you repliegan heading for Argentinean Port, where they will become strong according to the official statements of the Army.
We retire to the 19:30 Hs.; already in the Gym we are devoted to listen the radio that, in spite of informing that the Argentinean aviation had punished difficultly to the English fleet, it also detailed the advance of the enemy troops in the Malvinas.
They woke up us to the 02:00 Hs. of the dawn saying us that we had to leave, since seemingly English commands had been detected in the continent, specifically in the area of Commodore Rivadavia and we should leave as soon as possible of here. We grab our belongings and we were leaving in silence, I thought that the only thing that we lacked was to be attacked, he/she knew that it was not a remote idea, since it was in the plans of the damned Englishmen to attack the continent.
To the 03:00 Hs. we arrive to the Base, a Hercules waited for us C-130, we put all our forces and zeal to load the support teams, then it was designated the personnel that would embark in the first flight, I was in that group. They transferred us to Galician River.
After flying about 30 minutes we land in this Base, we had to lower the whole shipment to dark, the cold was unbearable although we perspired with the effort. The Hercules left in search of more load and personal, in total they were carried out 6 flights of C-130 besides transferring bombs, ambles and ammunition in several trucks.
This displacement caused that the whole personnel practically didn't sleep, also in the hurry, many lost several personal belongings - that was not my case - and for luck I reached to join the whole documentation that had in the Court of Situation.
Once overcome the inconveniences, we are devoted to see where we would develop our tasks, it was dedicated us the Hangar Antarctic, in their interior they had big sweeping machines of hint and elements of load terminal, also in a side he/she was an airplane Canberra in repair. We had to take out of the hangar the machines and the aforementioned elements, being only the Canberra, since there they would be carried out the inspections and repairs of our airplanes. The place only allowed to introduce three airplanes, the remaining ones were out.
A small office exists where we locate ourselves with the My. Rodeyro, is very precarious, wooden, very tiny, but it doesn't care since he/she has telephone and ésto it is fundamental. People of communications of the Unit equally installed a campaign telephone, cross-trigger with the Department Operations, the Court of Pilots and hint head, the distance among these positions is very big, therefore it is primordial to have a good communication system among them.
I called to the Department Operations to discover if they had some order for our Squadron, they answered me negatively but they suggested that is devoted to prepare everything.
After leaving the airplanes in service and all the suitable things, we go to see where we would lodge. Some were located in the Casino of Suboficiales, the remaining ones went there to a Company of Soldiers that was enlisted for us, we discover with great happiness that we would not continue sleeping in beds, because seafaring beds type of iron that had been we correspondents for the Commodore Pedro Martínez, our Boss of Group of Tandil existed. They were also housed in this Company people of Mirage M-III, Pucará, Canberra and of TO-4B (these last ones left today bound for San Julián to meet with those TO-4C).
We eat lunch in the facilities of the International Airport and the dinner was in the Company where we are located, although almost nobody wanted to eat, since practically they made 48 hours that we didn't rest.
To the 20:30 Hs. we were already put to bed, we want to recompose our body, because for sure tomorrow we will have another moved day.
We get up very early, to the 04:30 Hs., how well he/she falls asleep in a bed after so many days in a bed! Here there are more lavatories and bathrooms. We have breakfast in the Casino of Suboficiales, they served us toasts with shortening and marmalade and tea with milk, we devour ourselves everything, I believe that the cold, the anxiety and not having had dinner last night opened us the appetite.

When arriving at the Hangar Antarctic he/she was already the biggest Rodeyro that informed us that he/she was possibly carried out a mission together with another System of Weapons.
The airplanes had to be enlisted for the 07:30 Hs., each one configured with three tanks of 1300 Lts. and two bombs of 250 Kg. BRP fuse Kappa III. The whole personnel, as always, put zeal and will, because the working conditions are not the best and the means with which we count they are very precarious, although here one can work more protected of the inclemencies of the time than in the other Base.
Equally the cold was terrible (below zero 19 grades), ésto causes that the hands become hard, freezing the fingers, we have to take many cautions because he/she gets lost the tact and therefore the security, neither what to say of the gunsmiths and hint mechanics that have to manipulate explosive!
Some braziers were improvised to warm hands and feet, ésto one can make when it dawns because it is forbidden while the operative of dimness lasts. The tasks of enlistment of the airplanes carry out them the mechanics that possess a small lantern with two elements (you can appreciate the precariousness and danger to develop such works).
The airplanes were clever to the 06:45 Hs., as always I informed it to Operations and them they told me that appropriately they would communicate me if there were some configuration change and hour of exit.
Here it didn't happen like in San Julián that we had distribuídos the airplanes in three places (the two heads and the flight platform). The airplanes were located in a small platform that was before the entrance of the Hangar Antarctic (to about a hundred meters), for that reason it was much easier to communicate with them, also some was always sharing maté or coffee in our modest Court of Situation.
Then I met myself to make the Vouchers of Fuel to surrender them to the Concessionaire of YPF. To the 09:30 Hs. they called of Operations informing that until new warning it was cancelled the foreseen operation.
To the 12:00 Hs. they communicated us that the configuration should be changed to two airplanes: it was necessary to place them two tanks of 500 Lts. supersonic and two missiles Shafrir to each one (this missile is of the type of having guided by infrared - exchange of heat - it has a compound detection system for a gyroscope and it is able to detect an enemy airship to 4 Km. of distance. When taking place this detection - for a system of audio that is inside the pilot's helmet it sounds a screech, confirming the hook - the pilot can make the shot and the missile is guided alone being guided by the hot gases that he/she says goodbye to the turbine from the motors to reaction. The difficulty that it presents this missile it is that the pilot one has to locate behind the airplane to attack and the angle of operation of the missile is of 45º behind the enemy).
Since this war began any missile he/she didn't rush Shafrir. The order of enlisting these airplanes meant that the same ones should be watchful, since if they left they would have to carry out a parasol" "mission (it is denominated this way a mission with configured airplanes this way, its made is the one of to patrol or to give protection to some region of the continent, because although the Dagger has a primary function that is fighter bomber, they can also become cazainterceptores). This configuration presents a great disadvantage because it doesn't possess radar and only debit side to guide for the indications of the terrestrial radaristas or for the detection that produces the missile with its own system.
To the 13:30 Hs. the airplanes were passed clever. It was ordered to transfer them to the hint head and to foresee 20 people that should remain in the attentive Base to a possible exit. The remaining ones move to eat lunch to the International Airport, they assisted us of the best thing, it really seemed us lie that we could choose the menu (among three foods), although all were with the help of lamb meat, at least we could forget the locro for some time.
After eating lunch some we went to the booth of Entel, I communicated with my mother, I asked him how they were all and what it was commented over there, he/she told me that it was a shame that we were fighting and many Argentineans followed their life as if anything: from Commodore Rivadavia toward the south one lived in war and in the domestic rest one already lived almost with indifference the events that seemed to have us in a principle united, and I eat fastener of our gold Selection of Soccer it participated in the World of Spain... This hurted me and it filled with rage.
We return to the Hangar, the personnel that was of guard didn't have novelties and they left to eat lunch.
We all foresee that the day it will lapse without air operations, what provoked us a psychic bassoon because we were devoted with the soul to enlist the airplanes, to change them the configuration all time that you/they ordered it and to leave our side rest, so that after the effort the airplanes don't come out...
To the 17:00 Hs. the biggest Rodeyro gathered us to inform us that they had arrived to Tandil 10 airplanes Mirage M-5P bought to Peru, those that would come to augment our endowment. Jointly with them he/she would come more personal and they were maybe carried out reliefs.
It expressed us the pride that as much him as the Superiority felt for us and it urged us to continue with the same desires that up to now. He/she explained to us that the situation in the Islands was very difficult that many times you could not order the exit of a since mission the air space where one had to operate it was full with enemy airplanes, what would surely cause an useless cost of lives and material. He/she also reminded us that the boys that were fighting in Malvinas waited with a lot of anxiety the arrival of our airplanes, therefore we should continue up to now with the same will and on zeal. These words lifted us a little the spirit.
Then we move to the Company, we take advantage to give us a good bathroom with water hot súper (the cold that we support daily soaks us until the bones), thanks to God the facilities were to a pleasant temperature.

After having dinner us a movie of court comedian that was good to forget the situation a little and to laugh enough happened. It finishes this way another day of our holding in this damned war.
We get up to the 06:00 Hs., after having breakfast we transfer to the Hangar, he/she was already the biggest Rodeyro that indicated us that we should enlist the six airplanes, each one with 3 tanks of 1300 Lts. each one, two bombs of 250 Kg BRP fuse Kappa III and with the chassis complete canyons of ammunition 125 shots for canyon.
He/she advised us to calmly take the things because according to that informed by the Department Operations, the metereología in the Islands was very bad, but equally we had to have all preparation for if it improved.
To the 10:00 Hs. all the clever airplanes were, until they had started them to verify their good operation. But of Operations they confirmed us that the time worsened.
They ordered us to get off an airplane the tanks, portabombas and their armament and to place him the central portabomba, since this would carry out a flight of confirmation of some called national manufacturing bombs "Exocor" that were designed and manufactured in the county of Córdoba, more exactly in the Factory of Armament, for the Commodore Cueto who together with other people it would control this rehearsal.
The C-432 it was clever to the 11:15 Hs., they were mounted 4 bombs of 125 Kg. each a, at first sight one could see that they were much more lengthened that those that were usually used. The pilot was the Capt. Dimeglio and decoló to the 12:00 Hs.
The rehearsal was carried out on a margin of the river that is very near the Base, we could observe its development, some boys were gone up to the roof of the Hangar to look better. The airplane, in flight rasante, to about 150 meters before arriving to the hillside, loosed the bombs (although they seemed to continue hooked to the same one), he/she rose when being on the ravine and it began with the escape maneuvers while the bombs were incrusted in this. Around 12 seconds later exploded and it could be proven their effectiveness.
Once landed the airplane, was ordered to disassemble the bombs to the five remaining airplanes, since he/she would not be carried out another air activity (to leave the airplanes with this weight is very harmful because it affects the shocks of the landing trains). While the mechanics and gunsmiths were devoted to this work, I made the Messages and Daily Part of Guerra. Concluded the tasks and conditioned the material, we went all together to eat lunch.
Later they took us to know the city, I found very strong and expanded, if we compare it with San Julián it is, I suppose, bigger 10/15 times, most of their residents are Chilean, they treated us very well, the things are expensive - separated that we didn't have a lot of money, the little one that we have we are consumed in the phone calls -. And for not losing the habit, I called to my lady, I transmitted him tranquility as for my health but I could not lie him with regard to the sadness that felt for the difficult situation in the Islands.

We return to the Base, generally to kill the time they are organized championships of letters, but always somebody had a brilliant idea: did two arches of dad soccer exist since out, why didn't we run the beds, did we enter the arches and did we play a dive?. The acceptance was unanimous, we put hands to the work and once created the court begins a beautiful party.
When in the middle of development were, having a good time and enjoying this game, with a strong call of attention the Boss of the Department Operations, the biggest Colon, appeared with another Official, and they asked who the oldest was. The C.P. Merida was presented (to tell the truth its state and dressing was not the best), the My. Colon us dió a sermon and 10 minutes to accommodate everything and to return the arches to their place. Tomorrow there will be that presentársele together with the biggest Rodeyro.
If before we felt "embolados" for the situation that played us to live, ésto it filled the glass. How is it possible that us prohíban to amuse a little? We didn't also bother anybody.
After having dinner we join to listen the radio: regrettably at these hours the situation in Malvinas seemed to be untenable.
This day seemed to be a copy of the previous one, we get up at the same hour, identical configuration of the airplanes was ordered, with 3 tanks of 1300 Lts. each one, 2 bombs BRP with fuse Kappa III and complete chassis canyon.
To the 09:00 Hs. the airplanes were clever awaiting a fragmentary order. To the 09:30 Hs. they informed us that to the 14:00 Hs. it would arrive from Tandil a Guarani G-II bringing specialists.
The biggest Rodeyro gathered us and it communicated us that in accordance with people that came, some could be refolded Tandil. This news took with happiness since most it was for this area from April 05, I took advantage to write some letters to my family to send them through some of those refolded.
The metereología in the Islands was bad, not being able to operate none of our Systems of Weapons, what was taken advantage of by the pirates to intensify its attack.
To the 12:00 Hs. we went almost all to eat lunch, they were only some few ones for if the exit of some airplane was presented; we try to return the quickest thing possible because we wanted to be present to Guarani arrival, fact that took place to the 14:15 Hs.
He/she brought a group of 11 people, among which were 3 Peruvians that came to offer advice for the recently acquired airplanes to the Peru. They would teach the operative differences that existed between the Dagger and the M-5P that were not many. It is very probable that begin to arrive the airplanes starting from tomorrow. The advisers were housed in the Casino of Official.

While, we receive what our relatives had sent us: for me they had 5 letters and 2 you commend, one of them without remittent: it was full with pills, masses, chewing gums, chocolates, etc., I broke the head thinking who my benefactor/a would be. As the content of the mysterious box it was very much, I distributed it among my partners - as always, we shared everything -.
The biggest Rodeyro designated those who would return and we give them our correspondence.
Neither today there was air activity, when I took the Messages and Daily Part from Guerra to Operations, I went by the CIC (Center of Intelligence of Communications), the spirit there was decayed, the in charge Suboficial told me that the situation in the Islands was disastrous that you could support very little time more. Of there I went to the Company, we join all and we share again drinks and allowances.
Finally I went to bed to reread the letters received today and then I kept them, together with the previous ones, in a big envelope.
We get up to the 06:30 Hs., we have breakfast and we went to the Base. Before beginning with my habitual tasks, I was devoted to fasten a stove to heat the Court, the temperature at those hours is generally of below zero 15/20 grades, although we were inside the Hangar, the cold was made feel the same thing.
I called to Operations, they ordered the same configuration that the previous days, to the 09:00 Hs. the airplanes were clever and when passing them this information they told me that to the 11:00 Hs. they would leave two Squadrons.
As the Court of Pilots it was very far away (in the House Bariloche, they call this way it for their similarity with the houses construídas in that ciudad),la upgrade of the slate we carried out it telephonically. I communicated with the Capt. Demierre who confirmed me that the pilots would go to the airplanes to the 10:45 Hs. The formation was the following one:
C-411 Capt. Maffeis (Boss of Squadron), C-420 1er.Have. Callejos and C-416 you Have.Valente.
C-432 Capt. Dimeglio (Boss of Squadron), C-421 you Have. Aguirre Faguet and C-412 1er.Have. Román (another time together, and they go...)
To the 11:00 Hs. it left the first Squadron with the deafening roar of their motors to full that already practically had forgotten. The second Squadron came out to the 11:10 Hs., but the airplane of the you Have. Aguirre Faguet had control problems and it could not be of the departure. It began the wait, the anguish and the desire again that everything came out well.
To the 11:15 Hs. the airplane landed C-420 of the 1er.Have. Callejos, with the novelty that they didn't begin him the tapas of the landing train, their partners continued heading for Malvinas.
Meanwhile the rest of the personnel met with the Peruvian advisers who gave the pertinent explanations and you differ among the two airplanes. I was devoted to make the Vouchers of Fuel.
To the 12:30 Hs. it sounded the telephone, of the Department Operations they informed me that the airplanes of the first Squadron returned because they had to throw their bombs to the water to the comunicárseles that a patrol car of it is Harrier he/she went to intercept them. Quickly I warned to the specialists and mechanics so that they were attentive to their reception. To the 12:40 Hs. they landed without novelty.
To the 13:10 Hs. the second Squadron arrived, they related that when flying over the Island Soledad, they observed a very next enemy helicopter and they decided to attack it, but knowing that surely this had given the voice of alert and the terrible ones would be close it is Harrier, they solved eyectar its external loads and to return to the continent.
Once received these airplanes, the My. Rodeyro ordered the whole personnel that will eat lunch, since today they would not have more missions, but to the 15:00 Hs. we should be of turn to attend an informative meeting.
For what was commented, in the Islands passed something serious. It was this way like we eat lunch quickly and we return on time, we form and the Adult began saying that the situation was very bad, the Englishmen were near Argentinean Port and very difficult era to attack for half air to the enemy troop that was already next to the town, it was also very dangerous because it could cause enormous losses in the civil population.
The English fleet was far from the reach of our airplanes and of the Islands. Yesterday the British Destroyer Glamorgan was reached AM by a missile 38 Exocet rushed by a coastal battery installed in a tow. After having bombarded to the Argentinean terrestrial forces and of being reached by the missile (that caused him serious damages), the English ship began to move away from the coast together with the other crafts.
Keeping in mind that our airplanes for their autonomy could not arrive to the fleet neither neither to attack the Islands, it was only the hope that the forces highlighted in Argentinean Port could repel the English attack. Finally he/she added that those M-5P they would not be here correspondents and that at night the Peruvian advisers they would be transferred in a Lear Jet.
Finished the meeting, I stayed with the Adult to make and to sign the Vouchers of Fuel and Messages. He/she commented me that if there was not reaction of the forces that defend Argentinean Port, the Englishmen they would enter to the town, what would mark the end of the conflict, to this height the only thing that we wanted was that more deaths didn't take place.
Concluded my tasks went to the Company where I found my partners with the very decayed spirit, the faces invaded by the sadness, the excluding topic was the report given by the biggest Rodeyro. Did I eat some masses and did I write these notes (maybe the last ones?) thinking which tomorrow's events will be.
We get up to the 06:00 Hs., we have breakfast and we move to the Hangar; I called to Operations to discover if there was something foreseen, they answered me negatively and they spoke with the biggest Rodeyro to the one who you/they ordered him that doesn't move of the Hangar and they commented him about the loss of an airplane Canberra demolished by a missile, perishing all their tripulantes.
Then it left toward a meeting that would be carried out to the 08:00 Hs. in Operations, while we joined to exchange concepts and opinions of the conflict. To the 10:30 Hs. the Adult returned with the Vicecomodoro Villar and they gathered us.
The Vicecomodoro manifested its pride for the fulfilled work, the dedication and the demonstrated professionalism and it stood out that he/she never had to annul a mission for lack of air material, him as the rest of its pilots, every time that you/they ascended to an airplane they didn't doubt that each mechanic or specialist had made an excellent work, but unfortunately she had to inform us that "the conflict had arrived to its end", since the Argentinean Forces highlighted in Argentinean Port had surrendered to the enemy. This didn't mean that the Air force had also surrendered, at least not morally, the Englishmen had conquered us for the time being, we would maybe return some day for our deads and to recover the Islands. We should not forget to those that left their life for this cause.
It was the de gratia blow, our spirit it was for the floor and ésto it finished us of knocking down, after having given everything of us we had lost, what our relatives and friends would say...
We refold Tandil the day June 25, I wanted to return the 26 then it is my daughter's birthday Romina. We take from Galician River to the 21:30 Hs., arriving to Tandil the 26 to the 00:15 Hs., we were received by the Boss of Group, the Commodore Pedro Martínez who expressed us their pride for the fulfilled duty and he/she told us: "You can face anyone with the very high head, because they didn't defraud anybody, the town has to admire them for what you/they carried out...".
Us dió five days of franc to pass it with our family. They transferred us in a micro and I arrived at my house to the 02:00 Hs. My lady received me, I hugged myself to her and I cried... My family received me as he/she didn't wait for it, it was as if has triumphed.
Until here I have gone overturning all my vivencias in this war, I will remember it while he/she lives, this was "Our Cause", that of all the Argentineans, only maybe to me he/she played me to live her in another way, some gave their lives, other their jewels, other their few pesos and many, many, the moral support, either through letters or posts to those that were in the front or to those that we were in the south of the continent (ésto brings me to the memory that the mysterious post had sent it to me my father's brother, the uncle Raúl, one of those iron men that wanted to be another of those so many that anonymously sent us things).

Lastly I want to highlight that during the time that I was deployed cohabiting with the whole personnel, the companionship never lacked, we were united as much in the happiness as in the sadness. I also recognize that many times I felt fear, but I tried to overcome it and to give everything of me, I believe to have fulfilled the commended task. I am proud of having belonged to the II Squadron Aeromóvil Dagger and being leaves of the Air force Argentina that the only one that took with conscience this war was and it fought to achieve a victory. We learned how to value the feelings, as the patriotism and on anger of manifesto for our pilots, they were really those that were exposed before the enemy's fire.
I also tasted of the sequels from a war when ascending to the airplane C-130 that brought from the Islands to the wounded the last day of the conflict. It was terrible to see mutilated people, without some extremities or with serious wounds, besides the nauseous scent that emanated of there, as the groan or scream, really harrowing era.
Let us don't forget that ésto was a war, God willing nevermore we have other, I wonder if it was really worthwhile.
We learned how to want even more to our Islands, and to finish he/she wanted to express a desire: We have to inculcate to our children and descending that "The Malvinas is and they will be Argentinean and that only for the diplomatic road we should recover them, nevermore for the weapons, since in a war nobody wins really, but rather we all lose..."
Vicecomodoro D. Luis D. VILLAR
Bigger D. Juan Carlos SAPOLSKY
Bigger D. Gustavo Alberto PIUMA
Bigger D. Luis Alberto PUGA
Captain D. Guillermo DONADILLE
Captain D. Carlos Alberto MAFFEIS
Captain D. Raúl Angel DÍAZ
Captain D. Jorge Carlos DELLEPIANE
Captain D. Rubén Norberto DIMEGLIO
Captain D. Luis Augusto DEMIERRE
1er.Lieutenant D. Jorge Daniel SENN
1er.Lieutenant D. Carlos MUSSO
1er.Lieutenant D. Cesar ROMAN
1er.Lieutenant D. Mario Miguel CALLEJOS
Lieutenant D. Gustavo E. AGUIRRE FAGUET
Lieutenant D. Daniel Oscar VALENTE
Lieutenant D. Carlos CASTILLO
Bigger D. José Alfonso RODEYRO
1er.Lieutenant D. Guillermo S. POSADAS
1er.Lieutenant D. Miguel ROCHA
S.P. (R) Eduardo LLANOS
C.P. Mario BONO
C.P. Héctor DÍAZ
C.P. Ricardo MERIDA
C.P. Miguel CUENCA
C.P. Ricardo OLIVA
C.1RO. Gustavo SANCHEZ
C.1RO. Victor ARIAS
C.1RO. Daniel BARCO
C.1RO. Walter MUÑOZ
C.1RO. Javier LÓPEZ
C.1RO. Sergio ROMERO
End Miguel BISTOCO
End Ricardo REVELLI
End Miguel NIEVAS
End Jorge BARCO
End Gerardo ALVAREZ
End Norman RONCO
End Pablo CANOVA
End Marcelo PERALTA
End Antonio V. DÍAZ
End Victor HEREDIA
End Humberto SCHIAVONE
End Carlos GODOY
End Carlos DUARTE
End Eduardo SAURA
End Ramón LUNA
End Francisco CRUZ
End Horacio BERGERO
End Daniel ABASCAL
End Alberto CORRADO
End Nelson SILVA
End Rubén OLAH
End Mario DEZA
Téc.I Guillermo SALITURI
Téc.I Miguel PAREDEZ
Téc.I Mario ALBA
Téc.I Germán CARMONA
Téc.II Claudio MONACO
For.II Francisco JORGE
For.II Rubén PALMA
For.II Néstor PICART
For.II Alberto EMER
For.II Daniel GARRIZ

Ricardo CASTRO
Sergio LIMA
Jorge BAEZ
Ignacio BARRAS
Alberto KEES
Roberto JENSEN
Alberto CASTIA
Sergio JUSTO
SIX (C-403, C-404, C-407, C-410, C-419, C-430)
1420 SHOTS 30 MM. HAL
Since the bombs rushed to the English ships, which their blindage was very weak the bombs didn't explode (they crossed the helmet) position didn't end up arming the fire train for the lack of deceleration, they were carried out tests of different types of fuses.
Being use the following fuses:
KAPPA III to be used in the bomb Alavese BRP of 250 Kg. with Braked Line, time of armed 3 seconds +-10.
KAPPA AND for same bomb type, with line braked time of armed of 2,6 seg, the same one had a pile of 9 volts and it was activated through a key, if it didn't explode for the impact him toward to the 3 seg. This was the but Used.
MU OF AS AMENDED LINE: Used in the same bomb type, with a time of armed of 1 second, retard 12 second, it would be used with 0 second.
RANGE R: Used in the bomb Alavese BRP of 250 Kg. With lateral lodging. Time of Armed 0,6 Seg. I slow of 12 seg.
SSQ: (Súper Súper Quick) Súper instantaneous electric operation, the bomb explodes approximately to a meter of the floor
C-415: IDEM C-412

José Luis Martínez Eyheramendy.(1982)

1. The Air force:
a) During the Battle of Malvinas it exercised their responsibility of Integral Control of the operations in the Air Space.
Search and Salvage
Exploration and Recognition
b) During the conflict also, I carry out the Air Guerra by means of operations of:
Attack of Naval Objectives
Attack to Terrestrial Objectives
Reabastecimiento in Flight of All the offensive means (of the FAA and ALTAR)
Aided and Control of all the offensive and defensive means (FAA/ARA/ES)
Sanitary evacuation
Air supply
2. The Air force assumed in integrity its responsibilities in the Air Guerra.
I carry out 445 combat exits (it PLOWS 20 exits)
I carry out 439 exploration, recognition and amusement.
It flew in the Operations 12.454;25 discriminated against hours in the following way:
Means of Combat 2.781; 45 hs.
Means of Transport 7.718; 50 hs
Civil and Military means of Support 1.952; 50 hs.
Lost Enemies:
20 helicopters
18 airplanes S.H
08 Sunken ships
09 Unused ships
It is calculated the drops of 1000 men
I transport for the conflict:
Almost 9.000 Tons of Military Load (51% EA, 4% PLOWS and 45 FAA)
But of 49.000 men (72% EA, 7% PLOWS and 21% FAA)
In the Air Bridge to Malvinas Transport:
Almost 5.500 tons of Military Load (74% EA, 4% PLOWS and 22% FAA)
9.800 men (84% EA, 5% PLOWS and 11% FAA)
During the Air Blockade (01 May 11% FAA 13 June) I carry out:
33 flight with landing and/or launching
Transport of more than 450 tons of Military Load
264 men's Aeronautical evacuation.
3. The Air force gave testimony of Professionalism and conduction
Indeed of their personnel Deceased
Less than 10% they have been Soldiers
But of 90% Military personnel of Career
Inside the military personnel of Career 72 Official%
4. Of the foreseen exits 505 were completed 445 (88,11 %)
5. Of the Fulfilled exits (445), they arrived to the OM (Military objective) 272 (61.12%)
6. Of the 272 missions to the OM, they demolished 34 airplanes (12,5 %)
Our "HERO" of the II Esc. Aeromovil Dagger "THE MARINATES YOU" you Have D. Carlos CASTILLO
Deceased May 24 1982 airplane C-419 "Demolished in combat"
Maker: Israel Aircraft Industries (I.A.I.)
Type: Nesher
It dates manufacturing: 13 / 12 / 73
I number of Series: 49
Entered Argentina: 4 / 12 / 78
Type: Dagger
It registers: C-412
Since Cheat Overhaul (T.S.O.): 454:40 hs.
Total Landings: 992
Test Flight: 00:40 hs.
Motor: Snecma to Tie 09-C, I Number of Series: M-146, Hours (T.S.O.): 462:20 hs.
As amended to Finger III B, in: Area Of Material River Room. It dates: June of 1985
Endowment airship of I SAW it Air Brigade Tandil.
Holding in combats:
- Guerra of the 6 days (conflict Arabic-Israeli year 1974)
- Yom-Kippur
- Conflict of Malvinas: 02 April at June 14 1982.
As integral airship of the Squadron Aeromóvil II (The Marinates you) Deployed in San Julián.
7 exits in Missions of Combat, of which 3 went from Attack to Naval Objectives.
Attacked ships, it dates, result, pilot:
01-May-82: 15:30 hs: (Baptism of fire Air force Argentina)
C-412 (Capt. Dimeglio)
C-407 (1er.Have. Román)
C-432 (you Have. Aguirre Faget)
Configuration: 3 tanks pendulous 1.300 lt. c/u
2 bombs BRP of 250 Kg. braked line Canyons 30 mm.
Fragmentary order 1105, Indicative: Lathe, IFF:5515
Material objective: AON (it attacks to naval objective)
Initial point: 16:35 hs, entered by the north, rasante on the sea skirting the coast, 4 ships come for the north to 17 Km of Argentinean Port.
Result of the attack: Frigate type 21 ARROW-very damaged HMS (C-412)
Frigate type 21 ALACRITY-damaged HMS (C-432, C-407)
21-May-82: 08:00 hs. C-412 (Capt. Díaz)
C-415 (you Have. Aguirre Faget)
C-434 (Capt. Dellepiane)
Configuration: 3 tanks pendulous 1.300 lt. c/u
2 bombs BRP of 250 Kg. braked line Canyons 30 mm.
Result of the attack: Frigate type 22 HMS BRILLIANT Damaged (alone with canyons, they didn't leave bombs)
14:30 hs C-421 (1er.Have. Román)
C-412 (My. Puga) windshield rent by splinters
C-415 (1er.Have. Callejo) windshield rent by splinters
Configuration: 3 tanks pendulous 1.300 lt. c/u
2 bombs BRP of 250 Kg. braked line Canyons 30 mm.
Result of the attack: Frigate type 22 HMS BRILLIANT Very damaged
Dates in that you/they flew for the first time in this airship:
03-11-80: Have. Pedro Ignacio Died Bean in combat: 21-05-82 Esc. I
04-11-80: Have. Héctor R. Died Volponi in combat: 23-05-82 Esc. I
17-12-80: Have. Juan D. Died Bernhardt in combat: 29-05-82 Esc. I
15-08-81: 1er. Have. José L. Died Ardiles in combat: 01-05-82 Esc. I
15-04-82: Have. Carlos J. Died Castillo in combat: 24-05-82 Esc. II
By the middle of 1978, the necessity was presented of acquiring air material of the type bombardier it Hunts. In that then the amendment Humprey-Kennedy, impeded the acquisition of warlike material of American or European origin, reason why it should be opted by other markets, among them the Israeli was.
They left this way taking the first steps that took to the agreement between the FAA and the Israel Aircraft Industries-IAI. In a beginning it was thought of the acquisition of the Kfir, but as this it had motor and North American aviónica, in reason of the amendment you could not sum up. The operation should respect two requirements: To maintain the maxim reserves and to be carried out in the smallest possible time. Finally he/she remembered the purchase of 24 monopostos and two biplaza of airplanes Nesher. These airplanes acquired the name of Dagger that in fact was the name in key of this purchase project. The 24 monopostos when arriving to the country adopted the you register C-401 to the C-424 and the two biplas registers them C-425 and C-426.
August 28 were born the Squadron Dagger, being presented the personnel that came from DOZ-RYD-ENO and EAM in the VIII Air Brigade.
With the purpose of accelerating the reception process and adaptation to the new airship decided that the pilots received training that is in different places:
øÊK øÊK In the VIII Brigade with the Mirage III EA of the Group 8 of Hunt 1er Have Oaks, 1er Have Gatti (he/she requested the drop in that moment), 1er Have Ratti, 1er Have Benavente (he/she requested the drop in that moment), 1er Have Senn and the 1 er you Have Herleim
hr ÈyU In the Air base Capt. Quiñones González (Chiclayo) of the Air force of the Peru in the breast of the squadron of Hunt 611, equipped with airplanes Mirage 5 P/DP. 1er Have Cimatti, 1er Have Díaz, 1er Have Maffeis, 1er Have Golden, 1er Have Dellepiane, 1er Have Rohde
€LÕ The rest of the personnel about 12 officials and 32 suboficiales correspondents went in October to Israel in the Base of Eitam in the Sinaí. Eight of these pilots carried out the pilotage course being only used Argentinean airplanes and not taking any type of since badge the whole operation was secret. These were: Capt. Kajihara, Capt. Martínez Napoleon, Capt. Puga, Capt. Donadille, 1er Have Almoño, 1er Have Janett, 1er Have Musso, 1er Have Dimeglio. Other four carried out the course of combat AA the My. Sapolski, the cap. Pergolini, the 1 have. Arnau and the 1 Have. Mir González all pilots of M-III EA of the VIII Brigade. With posteriority to the course the first one and the one finishes of these pilots they were dedicated to DIL and the other ones two they returned to their origin unit in ENO.
With regard to the course of Combat AA that one carries out in Israel, it is of highlighting that our country was the first one in receiving Israeli instruction to this respect. Then this course continued being imparted in Tandil by the Israeli instructor Shlomo Erez.
The first lot of airplanes was embarked November 26 in the ship Jaspers, going to the port of Bs Ace. From there they were transferred by earth until Aeroparque Jorge Newbery and December of 1978, 12 the 1 you Have. Cimatti, Dellepiane, Maffeis and Rhode made the first flight in the country transferring the airplanes toward the VIII Brigade. To the few days they moved to the Area Material River Room arriving the first Dagger at the end of the 78 and they were part of the BAM River room during the stiffening with Chile. They moved at Tandil and December 10 1979 it is constituted officially I SAW it Air Brigade integrated by the Dagger of the Group 6 of Hunt.
Taking into account the satisfactory yield that was obtained in the operation of these airships the FAA decided to acquire an additional lot of 13 airplanes (11 monopostos and 2 Biplazas) next to a stock of reserves. These airplanes acquired the you register C-427 to the C-437 and the biplas C-438 and C-439, the C-427 I am in Israel for the study of the reabastecimiento in flight as you I don't carry out this modification he/she is carried out the project SINT and I arrive at River Room in February of the 82.
September 22 1980 were signed the new contract arriving to the country the first airplanes May of 1981, 29 in the transport San Martin of the ELMA. The Group 6 of Hunt pass to have 2 squadrons becoming this way the most potent unit in the FAA.
The Squadron around August of 1979 settled in the current first line that in that then taenia its red roof and it passed to be denominated "the red" house and around her there is a series of anecdotes that you/they are remembered by all those that lived in those years until today's day.
When concluding the tasks in the restoration of the group 6 of hunt both squadrons they moved to their current place and they begin to work the two squadrons to the control of the biggest Sapolsky and Villar. Incorporating in this same time the first Lieutenants Battioni and Moreno. In December of 1979 the first officials incorporate with Lieutenant's grade being these the Lieutenants Roman, Bernhardt, Aguirre Faget, Bean and Volponi.
By the middle of the 81 the Lieutenants Cismondi and Castle were presented, being this the last of our martyrs in Malvinas.
The conflict of the Atlantic South.
April 4 1982 the Commodore Tomás Rodríguez, received instructions to enlist the airplanes toward lands patagónicas. April 25 1982 were constituted 2 Squadrons aeromóviles that is:
The I Squadron Aeromóvil Wild" "Bustards in the Air base Military Big River to 690 Km. of Malvinas to orders of the biggest Carlos Martínez and integrated by the Captains Cimatti, Maffeis, Mir González, Rhode, Janett, Moreno, Oaks, the First Lieutenants Ratti, Luna, Gabari, Ardiles, Antonietti, and the lieutenants Bernhardt, Bean, and Volponi.
The II Squadron Aeromóvil "The Marinates you" in the Military Air base San Julián to 700 Km of Malvinas to orders of the biggest Sapolsky that was replaced by the Vcom L. at the little time Villar and integrated by the biggest Piuma, Puga, the captains Donadille, Díaz, Dellepiane, Dimeglio, Demierre, the First Lieutenants Musso, Senn, Román, Callejo and the Lieutenants Aguirre Faget, Valente and Castillo.
Each Squadron had 10 to 12 Dagger and they operated with 3 pendulous tanks of 1300 Lts and with English bombs of flat line of 1000 and 500 pounds with parachute of having braked of Spanish origin. For missions of air combat they were available the missiles Shafrir Mk IV.
May 1 1982 took place the baptism of fire of the FAA day during which the Dagger completed 13 exits.
During the conflict the following airplanes were demolished:
C-433 Received the 29-03-81. Demolished at 16:37 o'clock in air combat the 01-05-82 in the Islands Bougainville for missile impact AIM-9L Sidewinder, rushed from the one is Harrier XZ455. The 1 Have José Ardiles, dead in action
C-428: Received the 29-034-81 Demolished at 10:31 o'clock in attack to ship the 21-05-82 the squadron Nandu was begun in combat in the Strait San Carlos against the frigate HMS(F88) "Broadsword" and HMS(F56) "Argonaut", in this action a missile B Ae is Wolf I destroy the dagger causing the lieutenant's death Pedro Bean falling to the sea in the vicinities of Fanning Head.
C-409: : Received the 06-12-78. Demolished at 14:47 o'clock in air intercepción the 21-05-82 in the Great Island Malvina for missile impact AIM-9L Sidewinder rushed by the one is Harrier XZ455. I steer 1er you Have Moon eyectado.
C-403: Received the 26-11-78. Demolished at 14:58 o'clock in air intercepción the 21-05-82 in the Strait San Carlos for missile impact AIM-9L Sidewinder rushed by the one is Harrier ZA190. I steer Captain Donadille eyectado. Marinate you
C-404: Received the 26-11-78. Demolished at 14:58 o'clock in air intercepción the 21-05-82 in the Strait San Carlos for missile impact AIM-9L Sidewinder rushed by the one is Harrier ZA190. I steer bigger Piuma eyectado. Marinate you
C-407: Received the 26-11-78. Demolished at 14:58 o'clock in air intercepción the 21-05-82 in the Strait San Carlos for missile impact AIM-9L Sidewinder rushed by the one is Harrier ZA175. I steer 1er you have Senn eyectado. Marinate you
C-437 Received the 27-09-81. Demolished at 14:58 o'clock in air intercepción the 23-05-82 in the Island of Borbón to the North of the strait San Carlos in combat, when he/she attempted an attack the Lieutenant he/she dies Héctor Volponi when receiving the impact of a missile AIM-9L Sidewinder, rushed from the one it is Harrier ZA194.
When the three components of the section Gold are intercepted by a PAC of it is Harrier the leader the biggest Puga
C-419: Received the 23-12-80. Demolished at 14:08 o'clock in air intercepción the 24-05-82 in the Island of Borbón to the North of the strait San Carlos for missile impact AIM-9L Sidewinder, rushed from the one is Harrier XZ457. I steer bigger Puga eyectado. Marinate you
C-430: Received the 12-04-81. Demolished at 14:08 o'clock in air intercepción the 24-05-82 in the Island of Borbón to the North of the strait San Carlos for missile impact AIM-9L Sidewinder, rushed from the one is Harrier XZ457. I steer Captain Díaz, eyectado. Marinate you
C-410: Received the 23-11-78. Demolished at 14:08 o'clock in air intercepción the 24-05-82 in the Island of Borbón to the North of the strait San Carlos. I steer Lieutenant Carlos CastIllo he/she fell next to their airplane to the NE of First Mount because of the impact of a missile AIM-9L Sidewinder, rushed from the one is Harrier ZA193. Marinate you
C-436: Received the 29-07-81. Demolished at 12:25 o'clock in offensive recognition the 29-05-82 in the Strait San Carlos when the Dagger was carrying out attack missions against enemy positions lands. The impact of a missile Rapier caused its I demolish. The pilot the Lieutenant Juan Bernhardt, dead in action.
Both Squadrons of Airplanes dagger completed 115 combat exits being demolished eleven airplanes and they gave their life heroically for the Homeland 5 pilots: the 1 Have José Ardiles, the Lieutenants Juan Bernhardt, Pedro Bean, Héctor Volponi and Carlos Castle.
The ships reached by the Dagger are the following ones:
The cruises HMS(D19) "Glamorgan", HMS(D18) "Antrim."
The Frigates HMS(F173) "Arrow", HMS(F174) "Alacrity", HMS(F88) "Broadsword."
HMS(F56) "Argonaut", HMS(F184) "Ardent", HMS(F90) "Brilliant", HMS(F126) "Plymouth."
Landing ship RFA(L3004) "Sir Bedivere."
The birth of the Finger:
After the warlike experience during the war of the six days, Israel requested the Avions Marcel dassault, the development of a simplified version of the M-III. The result of this was the Mirage 5J. Their first inaugural flight was May 19 1967. Between September of 1967 and June of 1969 50 M5J and 2 M5D were built. Then this purchase was levied by the French government. Before this, although the facts not this completely clarified ones, it is supposed that Israel obtained the airplanes like reserves and then they were assembled in Israel. It was this way as the first airplane of this series I carry out their first flight September of 1969, 10 and they were baptized as Nesher (Eagle). One of the few modifications that has the Nessher with regard to their French origin is reason why the modification of the system of fuel he/she is allowed to consume the upper in first I finish what returns to the most unstable airplane, being this way more maneuverable. Starting from May of 1971 they entered in operative service. In 1973 during the war of Yom Kippur the Nesher was able to destroy but of a hundred of airplanes.
During 1978 the Air force Argentina negotiates the purchase of these airplanes that you frustrates the purchase of the Kfir for political questions. These airplanes when arriving to the country were rebaptized as Dagger and he/she underwent them a repotenciacion program with similar systems to those that the Kfir possessed C2. The works were carried out in Israel and in River Room. The first copy didn't fly during Malvinas (C-427). With posteriority to the conflict the program suffered a series of delays due to the impossibility of having certain elements of British origin (Marconi). The same ones were substituted by others of French origin. These airplanes were denominated FINGER and the first completely as amended airplane in River Room, it was the C-408 (it didn't fly in Malvinas) that he/she carried out the approval flights like Finger in Area of Material River Room and it was delivered to Tandil 08/10/87. .
The Finger can use them like hunt bombardier or I eat completely autonomous interceptores without control earth radar. The roof of operation of this airplane is of 55.000 ft and the maximum speed of mach 2 or 2431 Km/h. Their motive plant is a turbojet SNECMA to Tie 9C which offers him a push of 6.000 Kg. with Post Maximum combustion. They have Radar Telemétrico, with a system of Doppler-inertial sailing and Computer of Flight and he/she also carries out the shot calculations in three variants, CCPI CCPL and A/A and a Head Up Display what allowed him to improve their precision notably in the Sailing and in the Shot, this is denominated SINT.

You notice, Stories of the Members of the II Squadron Aeromóvil Dagger "The Marinates you Dear Readers

The reason of this note is with relationship to an email that I have received, where an adolescent asks me The because of this publication of this Blog?
To that which I should say that me cost to make the decision of exposing them since considered that the same ones maybe not serious of people's interest to be a custom story of the moments that I play myself to live, added to this query my little or almost null experience in the construction of a Blog.
But it felt that he/she should make something since:
• MALVINAS is a very deep feeling for ALL the ARGENTINEANS or it should be it
• The ARGENTINEANS have very volatile MEMORY.
• Few ARGENTINEANS have a completed idea or knowledge off how those facts were lived
• Particularly the performance of the Air force Argentina, a lot of diffusion was given in all the means, centered in the performance of its PILOTS.
For these circumstances it is that he/she makes the decision and I dared to carry out it. Today I feel very comforted since in few months it has been visited for but of 10.000 people and receipt to daily email related to the same one. But I believe that intimately my biggest satisfaction is that through same a lot of people he/she can interiorizarse off how thousands of Argentineans they lived that conflict and especially the members of the II Squadron Aeromóvil DAGGER "The MARINATES YOU."
Also I believe that it is opportune to make them take knowledge that lapsed more than 25 years of those events, to date we maintain another fight for our recovery like FORMER COMBATANTS since :
1. In my condition of Civil Personnel, of the Air force, during the geste of Malvinas it developed tasks in I SAW it Air Brigade Tandil, being deployed to the BAM San Julián and Galician River, I became worthy of the recognition of the superiority and of the dated Nation May 01 1985 received Certificate and Distinctive Nº 4 (resolution Nº 540/85 of the J.E.M.G.F.A) to have participated in the air battle for the Islands Malvinas, (surrendered by the Boss of General bigger State of the Air force) and honored as COMBATANT with a medal and diploma of the Honorable Congress of the Nation Law 23.118, for the intervention in the armed fight for the territorial recovery of the Islands Malvinas Geórgicas and Sándwich of the South, (among April 02 at June 14 1982). By virtue of having acted lending support technician in the Command of the South Air force belonging to the II Squadron Aeromóvil DAGGER
2. Although the Air force Argentina considers us as VETERAN DE WAR according to the Resolution Nº 231/2000 of the date J.E.M.G.F.A April 13 2000. ART 1º say: It will be recognized as VETERAN DE WAR "all superior, subordinate military personnel, troop and civil that participate in the Guerra from the South Atlantic and that he/she has been granted some campaign distinguishing characteristic, instituted in the Resolution Nº 540/85" of the J.E.M.G.F.A. and for the Congress of the Nation, as COMBATANTS.
In this link they are the Resolution, annex and summations http://resoluccion00585faa.blogspot.com /.
5. Taken knowledge of the different benefit that recognizes the former combatants on the base of the Ordinance Nº 1244/98 of the PEN and other effective regulations (pension Law 23.848, etc.), for the personnel that you/they complete functions or tasks in the organisms of the Administration it Publishes, begin the administration of this benefit in the face of the authorities of to the FAA. Being refused to understand that it didn't fulfill the requirements completedly (Resolution Nº 201/98 of the Secretaria of the Function Publish of the Headquarters of Cabinet of Ministries).
6. The Boss's department answer Malvinas of the Air force, expresses textually, although we understand the mentioned Superior agent's condition, but as the Force Area it is alone an organism of application of the requirements imposed by the Laws of the land, we cannot extend the requested certificate (of excombatiente) by virtue of not fulfilling the requirements mentioned by not having entered the Theater of Operations Malvinas completedly (TOM) o/o Theater of Operations of the South Atlantic (TOAS) whose jurisdiction was defined by Law Nº 23.109 and its Regulation Ordinance 509/88.
7. Being alone worthy to this benefit the personnel with distinguishing characteristic 1 and 2, excluding the personnel with distinguishing characteristic 3 and 4, these I finish in their majority I lend direct support to the combat airplanes belonging to the FASS, having participated since of the warlike stocks of combat union it exists among pilot, mechanic and airplane, the pilots were exposed to a bigger danger for the combat missions that they should complete, the maintenance personnel was exposed to a possible attack, since in that moment we faced a danger of unforeseeable consequences and the British reaction could not be calculated. As example it can make an appointment the sinking of the General Belgrano outside of the area of exclusion of 200 miles for what was not senseless to suspect that they would also make it to the Units deployed in the coastal aerodromes, with the purpose of destroying the combat airplanes that so much damage inflicted to the English Fleet. (In the BAM the day April 30 you produced the evacuation of the airplanes for eminent attack air enemy, it alerts red). Also the maintenance personnel was exposed permanently for the manipulation of explosive material and enlistment of the airplanes, (ammunition, bombs, fuses, etc.) which returned with his activated loads in several opportunities, interpreting that the Boss of General bigger State of the Air force understood this way it in the year 1985 to the moment to distinguish the personnel placing in the delivered Certificate, the following legend "FOR HIS HOLDING IN THE AIR" BATTLE and later on the Congress of the Nation TO THE COMBATANT, FOR HIS INTERVENTION IN THE ARMED" FIGHT.
8. We are not worthy of any type of monetary benefit, neither neither institutionally in the Force. Air. Argentina.
For the previously exposed ones, they will understand that the last resource that we have left is the judicial birdcall, which I consider that it is the environment where this situation will be settled.
Intimately desire is so much the Political Power or the Justice determines, if I am WORTHY of POSSESSING this MEDAL AND DIPLOMA. For I finish I want to express them that I have always felt PROUD of having defended to my Homeland, and formed part of the II Squadron Aeromóvil DAGGER, but he/she would lie them if he/she didn't tell him that I feel also DISCRIMINATING, to the carried out book credit the administrative pertinent birdcalls, and being refused the same ones systematically.
Without further ado I greet them sincerely
José Luis Martínez Eyheramendy

He/she notices sent by Pedro Balzamo of River IV Gratefulness.
From toward already two weeks, it was next to my partners of the Area Material River Room that we had been deployed to I SAW it Air Brigade, to make maintenance in the airplanes that you/they came from the bases of the south. In I SAW it, taenia some few acquaintances but with the group of River Room we passed it well, the acquaintances were those that we had been together in the BAM I Laugh Room in the stiffening of the 78, for the possible war with Chile for the Islands Lennox, Picton and New, opportunity in that the recently arrived Dagger, they operated a time in the Area of Material. I remember it as if it was today, in the afternoon of May 15 after we had finished solving a novelty of audio of missiles of those
biplazas that were for pilots' training and air defense of the area, while we took some matés Ricardo Olive he/she came closer and do I talk myself about the possibility of going to the south and did he/she tell me "vos you would go?", without thinking it I told him that "if", he/she also told me that we would be us two, next to Eduardo Pozzi, José Luís and the biggest Rodeyro. That night they allowed me to speak from I SAW it to River Room to also communicate to my lady that deployed to the south, Raúl Ricci and Rubén Roman they made me the farewell, "great capoton." In those moments I had a single concern, I "eat up he/she would receive there", me, personal of another unit that knew some few ones, then I thought "good that what God wants" leaves. Following the itinerary that José describes Luis arrives to the BAN San Julián, we put on to disposition of the headquarters and with Ricardo Olive we went to the carp of made out to order "Armament" of Ubaldo Quiroga and we begin to work, in what was, electric system of armament, wired of root portabombas, to arm bombs, missiles, to place ambles, to load bombs and missiles in the airplanes for the different configurations, etc., after some days it replaces somebody of the electronics carp that had to refold. With running of the days, the concern of that night disappeared, thanks to the personnel's warmth of I SAW it, to the simple form that they had of making me so easy the thing, of considering me from the same instant that he/she steps the BAM San Julián one but of them, but me taenia a low ace the sleeve, although I am electronic he/she always works related with armament, especially in the Dagger and to be among the gunsmiths is to run with the commissary's horse. Today after twenty-five years, the litters of the "new" members of
the Air force of all the hierarchies, Civilians, Suboficiales and Officials that come us to made a mistake without hierarchical distinction in a hug, when they ask of where they know each other?, we simply tell him "of the south" or "of the 82", for those that one is not able to and it is not necessary to be explained to it to anybody, for the colds the anguishes and emotions that we happen together, to the personnel of I SAW it of the 82 a simple "thank you." And to each one of the members of the Marinates you proudly I thank them to have admitted to be formed part of the GLORIOUS one II I Square Dagger and if another time the question "vos arose you would go?", as in the 82 the answer is the same one "if." A simple THANK YOU, especially to José Luís Martínez Eyheramendy for this it paginates of Internet and Walter Muñoz, Alberto Fontanini and Humberto Schiavone to always maintain alive the flame of the Marinte. I also want to transcribe part of Mario's words Callejos in the the 25 year-old lunch who more or less said "although you paginate them of the history they speak of the prowesses and the honor of the pilots, we also should
to remember that became possible thanks to the effort of the technicians that in many opportunities, working until at night with below zero temperatures, it maintained the airplanes in service to be able to carry out the orderly" missions. Lastly, like he/she says the the twenty-five year-old homage, "for those that were and for those that refolded their wings."
Pedro Balsamo.
DNI 11.743.252
River Room April of the 2007.
"25 anniversaries of the fire baptism"
I relate remitted by the former soldier Gustavo González
Dear José, a pleasure read your vivencias in this renovated blog again, I remind you that I was also in San Julián with the Group of Artillery 7 of the Chaco, I count you an episode that we had a patrol car night, they informed us at night of the air base that you/they had lost contact with the radar Whestinhouse that was in a hill, era, we were it seized the place, anything was not seen, I drove, the Adult orders myself to load the weapon and to retire the insurance, I had a gun 45 among my legs, before arriving I was happened to turn off the position lights (antiaircraft) of the vehicle to try to see better and to accustom my vision to the darkness, quickly the Adult requested me that the lights again - That you make that they will shit to shots!!! , when arriving the first floor with their hidden weapon in the back, he/she is brought near a sub one. Official of the FAA also hiding their hands, they exchanged some words and finally all relax ourselves, when leaving and to recapture the road soldiers that had surrounded us with their clever weapons to act saw. I felt that if he/she fell a stone in that moment a balacera he/she armed, it was another of the so many moments of tension lived in the South, memory the alerts and many vivencias that vos narrates in you blog. I attach you two postcards of that time you leave the gym in which you were, us the bivouac was in the rural society (marked in the first postcard) and the trench positions with the canyons in the bay, memory that the pilots were in the only one or San Julián's better hotel, at nights took to me boss, to me they didn't allow me to enter, the same thing happened in the air base I stayed away from the building while me boss entered to look for novelties.
Gustavo González"MALVINAS: An objective irrenunciable" Articulates sent by the Brigadier Norberto R. DIMEGLIO (JOKER)Por the 25 years of the Baustimo of Fire of the air force Argentina
With this simple expression I still define today the permanent feeling toward our Islands Malvinas.
I won't make here and now a historical story of the facts that you/they took to the political decision of recovering the Islands April of 1982, 2 because I didn't meet them in their moment and it is not topic of this writing, neither I believe opportune to analyze the military plans of the war and not even the tactical results obtained in her.
Yes I believe necessary and important to rescue, today to almost 25 years of the fact, the capacities and virtues of the Argentineans that participated voluntarily in her, in defense of our territory profusely claimed in all the international forums and of the thousands of men that there settled, with the purpose of defending the realized recovery to press toward the diplomatic negotiations, since the war in a very simplified concept, doesn't stop to be a "

In the same way that a glass with half of their capacity occupied by water, he/she can it turns as half I fill or half hole, in the case Malvinas 1982, the stocks of the men applied exclusively to the combat allow to rescue positive and negative aspects. Both necessary and indispensable to grow, to be perfected and to be improves every day. Obviously, a valid analysis (half full glass) it can only be made by qualified professionals and if they have experience in the best topic, it is in and of itself that the more based and transcendent concepts, they were poured by the occasional opponent of the moment and for the specialized analysts of the world where it can be the prodigal documentation that supports it.
Nevertheless, although all have the freedom of speaking ungrounded, of insulting, of counting fílmicamente you mediate truths or of minimizing the realized stocks and the reached experiences, they won't be able to change the facts, the world advances for the grateful stocks of the best and not for the mediocre ones any. The trial of the history is the one that lasts and it transcends to the humans. When saying of Sun Tsu, "if you want to know as it was you in the war you ask to your enemy", I allow myself to add that, ".. if he/she is put a tablet of Secret by xxx years, have the patience that your grandsons know the truth non grateful today."
How was that defense spirit generated among countrymen?, it would be the question of who analyzes the behavior and acting of the Air force during the warlike stocks carried out in 1982. I believe that the explanation is not so complicated. As Argentinean, from small, at home and in the school, we were taught which are the concepts that integrate the word HOMELAND, our sovereign rights on the territory, our native idiosyncrasy, the attachment to our traditions, etc. In the formation schools and improvement of our Institution, they were stressed and they developed these meanings, taking us concientemente to love the earth of our progenitors and still absorbing the responsibility of their defense to coast of our own lives.
What did we make before the conflict?, because only to get ready for it, knowing that the war is not the best political solution in a conflict of interest but convinced of our responsibilities like men of weapons. We were never "kamikazes", neither in one of their letters, we don't fly to immolate us for the emperor or the shift president. We didn't surely have the specific training for a sea and air combat, in which it was necessary to fly over the Argentinean sea in airplanes monomotores, to face to the third naval fleet of the world and integral of the NATO of that time. But many Argentineans that were to defend them in them, are sure they claimed our presence and all told that, for the shame of being able to look to the eyes to our people after the stocks, is that we combat technically with what we had, in disadvantage, tactically in inferiority of conditions but spiritually convinced of our duty.
Together as always, the aviators, the radaristas, the gunners, the mechanics, the doctors, personal of officials, suboficiales and plant civilians or summoned, in activity or retired of the service, men and women of the Force, with the support of our families, friends and the inconstant Argentinean town, with their exceptions, we undertook the southern epic poem.
Was the first attack of an airplane successful against a ship of the western block from Suez? The objective tax to diverse squadrons of the Air force Argentina that 1ro. of May of 1982, it was, to repel to the three British frigates that had come close to the costs of Argentinean Port with total impunity and they subjected to our forces to an intense naval gunfire with the purpose of forcing a quick and underestimated rendition.
The history had afforded us the "difficult" honor of attacking the feared frigates British misilísticas for the first time, ships with technology of last generation, twins of a couple of destroyers of our Armada. The information of available intelligence, the sale publicity that you/they made the own Britons of those ships and the results of the exercises carried out in times of peace, credited them a cup of 85% of effectiveness. Only 15 margin% to survive the attack! But is 1% of possibility important of surviving if one is sure that 1% is the one that covers it to one?
From the coast of the Island Soledad, the personal combatant dedicated in the area of the airport and in the near mounts to Argentinean Port, they are the privileged ocular witness of the attack rasante and at great speed of three Mirage V Dagger. The surprise was total, the Englishmen didn't foresee that these airplanes that didn't have capacity to restock fuel in flight, neither systems of sailing of precision, could arrive until the sector "this" from the islands, the more far from the continent and the one that was low its control radar and sea and air.
The filmadoras of the airplanes that registered the shot of the weapons, was cameras of 16 mm., white and black, of the decade of the 60 that you/they didn't work well like to certify that seen by us and so much people in earth that afternoon, but, if of the realized attack the real consequences on the British ships, was the for them expressed and that it figures in numerous British official publications and not, which is the political, strategic or emotional reason, to order the urgent sinking of the cruise General Belgrano it does PLOW immediately later, where it was, up-to-date following, while it was to negotiate an agreement of peace among the litigants with the invalorable and outstanding intervention of the president from the Peru, the architect Fernando Belaúnde Terry?
Operatively, it was very well an exit planned by our Command of the South Air force, executed with the human means and available materials and with the participation of that great human group that conforms to our Institution: men and women, military and civil, in activity and summoned, all consustanciados with their duty, with the clear conviction that it was necessary to not only retain the territory of our Islands but also to protect to the thousands of Argentinean in them deployed.
Still today, almost 25 years later, in this Argentina, with all the dislates, displeasures and realities that play us to live, that professionalism and that mystic generated by the life of mutual respect, I work and sacrifices, they cannot be changed by anything. That is the great value that has that carried out by us, the indelible thing, the perennial thing, still in the day not very distant in that for action of the relentless step of the time and other causes, all the combatants of Malvinas have left the active service in the Institution. It is not necessary to proclaim it, only to read the professionals that say of the topic, better if they are not part of the problem, that is to say, Argentinean.
To all this, and of return to our Military Air base San Julián, already in earth, the whole liberated adrenaline was consumed in hugs and festejos, as mutual recognition of the success in the realized work. It had been proven and demonstrated to the whole world that the feared British frigates were vulnerable, they should change the tactics and the technology for their defense and survival.
That we made after the conflict? To study, to take out summations, to give to each one what corresponded him for their acting in the operations, with successes and errors, although without publicity in the means of the public opinion, because in fact they are made that they don't correspond that they are of public opinion. We transmit to our subordinates, heirs of our stocks that the only road for the success is the work, the sacrifice, the training, the professional growth. The spiritual profile and human was and it is the correct and appropriate to the demands. We should convince that they are given the necessary material means to improve the results of our operations making them more efficient.
We know that we made, we know reason we made it, we will continue proclaiming the truth of the historical facts, of course, with the maturity of the step of the years, the experience of the carried out professional career and the conscientious tranquility of having given everything, for what we believed and we believe correct.
What do we make today? In my case, already retired of the active, continuous service looking for with the exchange of experiences with our yesterday opponents coincidence points, forms of improving our people's preparation, to advise in the measure in that I/we are requested to date on our vivencias and their application and fundamentally, to see that the time has allowed us to grow and to mature in benefit of all.
Regarding the British personnel that combatted in the fight for the Islands Malvinas, as men of weapons, I don't have any type of resentment, hate or any adjective that it is wanted to use, against the one who, it only fulfilled their duty, only from the opposed side. It proves of it, they are the numerous visits, exchanges, activities and other that the men of the Institution have carried out with British personnel. We are professional without social resentments.
Personally, I have the very pleasing experience of having offered and shared, in the 2006, with our respective wives a lunch in Buenos Aires, with the LC Ian Inskip, official of sailing of the HMS Glamorgan, of active holding in the conflict and that he/she sent me for email, the picture of a square, painted by a Briton and located today in the library of the School of Argentinean Port, interpreting the stocks of the carried out attack that 1ro. of May of 1982, on the three English ships that shelled our people in our earth. I believe that the picture that is next is the best certificate (when saying of Sun Tsu) of working of the Squadron Lathe of the Air force Argentina that day. (Gracefulness LC. Ian Inskip, RN)
Surely that the permanent and intelligent to work of our diplomacy will achieve in a next future, the legitimate and legal recovery of our Islands irredentas, is of waiting that our in agreement Argentinean town with its daily declamations, be willing to inhabit them, to take care of them and to take them the progress and order that today, it is scare in the continental territory.
The author received for his holding in the Conflict for Our Islands Malvinas in 1982:
àKq Distinguishing characteristic of the "Air force Class 1" for their holding in the conflict for Our Islands Malvinas, given by the Boss of General bigger State of the FAA in Mendoza, in 1984.

Badge Law 23.118 of the "Honorable Congress of the Nation to the Combatants of Malvinas", published in Official Bulletin, in Buenos Aires, 09 November of 1984.
Badge Law 24.229 of "The Nation Argentina to the Value in Combat", given in Buenos Aires, 17 August of 1993.
Norberto Rubén Dimeglio
Brigadier ®